Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RPG Maker VX Ace, it's the shit.

After about a weeks hiatus of doing anything development related, probably due to the game I literally just reviewed, I thought it would be a nice day to go on the IRC I visit and apologize for not being there too.

Apparently a lot can happen in a week, even by enterbrain's lazy "this are pet project" attitude about RPG Maker. Rpg Maker VX Ace is in open beta and it had already had a fan-translation atleast 30 hours before I realised, I'm glad to see the Enterbrainless are atleast acknowledging Indie Game Maker was a complete fucking failure, such to the point there isn't even a crack for it.

So far I've only just scratched the surface of this expansion, mostly due to the fact that there is only a surface, but thats forgivable as its a beta, that notwithstanding there are some ground breaking changes in here, basically all of which are incredible improvements, though in all honesty, should have been in from the beginning.

First, Interchangable tilesets, thats right, you can actually have a different tileset each map instead of each entire fucking game. And it seems this is something the enterbrainiacs wanted as well, due to the amount of detail they have put into their new tiles, I'm guessing this is because that due to the before had lack of infinite expansion, they had to put in the bare essentials, but now they can be creative as they want, the food dishes that sit on tables actually look like something I would eat now. A Strawberry Cake, Roast Boar (or something.) Grapes and Purple Olives (I think), Lattice Pie and other I've forgotten about, They also in their creative rush added onto the original iconset, making potions that actually look like potions, and buttloads of new awesome looking, weapons, armor, even two scythes.

And yes, all the features from XP are there -second detail layer notwithstanding-, 4-way passability, terrain tags, viewable and changable TileID's, Stairs, Bushes, and fuckloads of other shit I've forgotten.

So yes, thats a big one, probably the most overwhelming change, now we may move onto another that they decided wasn't necessary for VX but was for XP.

Battlebacks, they are a thing without a script now, and they are mix n' match-able, making it a lot more varied than first appears.

Okay, next thing. There's a (limited as of now) charaface generator, which I have basically seen every possibility of.

The main thing is the massive database changes, which are too broad to list, but I will start with the fact that every page, save animations, troops and system/terms has note boxes now, actors, classes, etc. Everything is a lot better interface wise as well.

Most things, enemies, actors, classes, items, weapons, armors, can have perimeters, a new feature that basically lets you have more control over what shit does, of the one I've had fun with, Evade Magic, Counter Attack, and Magic Reflect are a great start.

There are tons more, no random enemy encounters, double chance of pre-emptive, no back attacks, the list goes on.

Weapon classes are also a thing, so if you want a certain class or actor to only be able to use guns or crossbows, you can do that.

Armor classes are also a thing, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, Magic armor, it goes on. Much like elements, you can edit these to you hearts content.

Skill types are also a thing, so I'm not sure what this does other than restrict actors using certain skills, you can change it at any time though, whether it be through an event command, or a parameter on a weapon or armor, or an item you use.

The versatility is startling.

The Status screen in the menu is now something you'll actually consider looking at, so thats cool.

As far as menu options go, likely the hottest of these is formation, you can now have more than 4 party members, and switch at will, you can also set whether actors in reserve receive Exp, and you can change the order of your party members, catterpillar is also baseline now, but its easy to turn off and on again.

There's fuckloads more but I have to attend a server I have already talked about at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning, I'd like 7 hours of sleep.

--And now I can continue, as for the tilesets, you can actually give them tags and in turn, battlebacks and enemies can be set depending in said tags, so if you want to fight forest trolls in a grassy forest, that can be done, just like if you want to fight Frost Nymphs on a Snowfield, that is also a thing. This makes world maps a much better thing, you could even have beach enemies, by adding a unique terrain tag to the desert tile, you can use the other desert tiles to fight Vultures and Tomb Raiders, yadda yadda.

So thats good, Because I'm sure I'm not the only one getting tired of setting battlebacks in arrays and then having to redo them when I re-organise stuff.

On the subject of maps, they now have note boxes. Yep, I imagine we'll very quickly see unbeleivably innovative ideas with such a feature.

Now we can move on to the Juicy fruits of the forest, event commands.

First, swapXT is now Baseline, you can change a tileset mid map, mid cutscene, which is insane.

Theres a 'display scrolling text' option, which basically eliminates the need for a map credit script or story book effect outside eye candy.

You can now also display the list of key items a player has, and has them choose which one to use, this could actually prove to be a roundabout way to make an alchemy system, beyond its intended use, which is demonstrated in the sample map.

This could effectively make puzzle games, and to a greater extent, adventure games a lot more plausible.

So next, there is the 'Change Nickname' command, yeah, Nicknames are a thing now, and I can very easily foresee that like \n[1] to display actor 1 by name, we'll likely have \ni[1] or something to display actor 1 by nickname. Otherwise Nicknames appear in the status page, and nowhere else.

Next is 'Change single File walking' which is equivalent to turning caterpillar on or off.

Currently I am unsure of what 'set single file members' does.

Still no flip or 'proper rotate' picture : /

Retain and Resume BGM, HELL YES.


If you don't understand this, I'm not going to go to the trouble of explaining it.

In short, it renders AudioXT useless for Ace. Which I am actually okay with, because it always bugged for me.

Next command, Change Formation Access, for anyone who has used rpg maker and know most of the event commands, this will require no explanation, in short, it greys out the 'formation' option in the menu, and disables it until turned back on.

Change Window color, yes, you can change the colour, but we still can't use multiple window skins and change between them... wut?

Okay, this one is a mind blower.

'Play Movie'

Waht teh fukc?

Well, this currently doesn't work and simply crashes the game with a windows error when I play it, either because it isn't fully developed yet or because of the 'no resource importing' rule for the beta.

Unless it only takes an uncommon format, so far I have tried .wmv, .avi and .mp4, all to no avail.

No worries though, I'm sure it will work when this is on shelves and buyable online.

Theres a new list of event commands, labelled as 'Map', just before 'Battle'.

First of these, is 'Change Map Name Display' Yes, Map names are displayed in the top left corner shortly after entering a map, and disperse in 5 seconds or so, map names are a thing, next.

'Change Tileset'

This is a really cool feature, and I can see many ways of using and abusing it to innovative levels, and this practically scraps the need for a 'swap XT' for RGSS3

'Change battleback', does what you would expect.

'Change Background' by ofcourse, it means parallax, this basically lets animated parallaxes be a thing, or just to switch them without need of a script. You can change the scroll too.

'Acquire Position Information' this basically tracks the players location, and lets you set it to a single variable, instead of 3. Atleast I think thats what it does. It's hard to think of what else its point could be.

The Battle commands are all the same.

In some of the legacy event commands, there are extra little utilities, for example, and likely my favourite, when you do 'Transfer Player' you can now choose whether to have the normal 30 frame black fade, a white fade, or instant transition, basically rendering my small 'Instant Trasition' script pointless to make in this engine.

I don't want to spoil everything, and the capacity of which I have been able to reach into this program's dark pockets are limited to a degree by my shortened span of time, to a far greater extent the lack of resources and limitation of an unfinished beta, and to a lesser extent, my inspiration to do cool stuff in an engine which I can't even leave without discarding everything.

The limitations are only there because this is a beta, its currently free, and they don't want people publishing a commercial game when they didn't pay a dime, mind you, this hasn't had much effect, but it has softened the blow, the fact you can't import resources is definitely the biggest buzzkill for me outside the inability to keep my projects. Due to the fact I don't like how the RTP faces look, the style is not mine, and I just disapprove of it.

I was originally going to make a small pet project where you run around as a green haird tramp called piejynx and rob the neighborhood of all its pies (especially the lattice ones) so you can eat yourself obese. but you have to do some hefty shenanigans to actually produce a game made in a program that wasn't ready for such an undertaking yet.

And like that bully at school who always hung a piece of candy just beyond your reach, Enterbrain are similarly saying;

"Here's what we have so far, we are going to give you the candy, but you can't eat it until we deem it proper candy."

Well alright then Enterbrain you teasing fucks, I will wait until you release this for english proper and then pirate it just like every other fucking RPG maker I own (see RPG2K, 2K3, XP and the only one I used more than twice, VX) and giggle like an adorable school girl, I hardly expect they wouldn't expect some kind of big 'fuck you' to this, many people have already done it, far more than I have, I recall a story about someone who actually released a commercial game and made 35 dollars in sales, ($5 per copy) which is more than enterbrain have made off of this yet, which is to say they haven't made anything. If they continue to hype it they won't make jack shit, but its okay for them, because really most of their money comes from their 'real' work which is magazine printing(incase this was big news to you, RPG maker is a project they do off to the side), so I suppose my 60 dollars or whatever Ace will cost will be pretty insubstantial. They sell three magazines and they make all that back.

I do applaud the effort that has gone into this though, mind you, all the features here have already been in previous RPG Makers and now they are just combining it into a slurry that will make the Ace of their 8 card deck.

I am still saying this is the shit, and Enterbrain's small teases have probably helped to make me want this program in full form, and if there weren't any cracks on the first week I probably would buy it, knowing I made the same mistake with Indie game Maker and when I did go to eventually buy it for the absurd 90 dollar price tag it wasn't worth, I found out the method to buy it didn't work.

Well, so be it, if they don't want to sell me Indie game maker, then fine, i don't want that shit, VX and possibly VX Ace is all the comfort I need.

Going by the fact this is an 'expansion' instead of a brand new engine, I'm guessing it will probably be around the average price a World of Warcraft Game Card is here (30 dollars) with the point being if they do charge me 60 dollars it will still occupy more of my life than WoW will, it will definitely keep me going more than 30 days, thats for sure, now before I wrap this review up, which is already turning into an absolute monstrosity. I would like to point out a flaw, though its likely a bug.

You can't tag enemies for immortal in the troops tab of the Database, I hope this is a simple mistake, as a lot of enemies in my games rely on awesome boss mechanics like on death moves or a party member finishing off a boss in epic fashion, it also helps if you want to have 'AP' be a thing, by which you can simply add onto the AP variable and then insert a quick enemy add death state. where if there is no immortal tag, that isn't a possibility. Granted, you can do the AP container method, but it isn't as efficient.

Thakfully, enemies can now drop three items, so you can simply reserve one for AP Crystals and just go about regular VX business.

It still limits the awesome I can add for boss battles though, so yes, lets hope this is a thing they didn't want to do this second as its only a beta and not by any definition the final product.

Okay, that is everything, hope you enjoyed this stupidly verbose wall of text, I'm not sure what I'll do next article. Don't hold your breath my few cherished zealots, I will post when I have something new to rant about.

Skyrim, Game of the Year up in this bitch.

You'll never play anything quite like an elder scrolls game, just like it would be foolish to try to develop a game like it. To start off, Oblivion was rather disappointing, and it has its variety of flaws, but thats not what this review is about. I'll simply be using it as a point of comparison in some cases, seeing as I haven't had a chance to buy morrowind with the literal shitload of other games pilfering my wallet this year, also christmas.

So, first off, in both my and my brothers opinion, this is the best game thats come out this year, and probably won't drop that title.

Sweater is going to be a big flop, and other than that, I can't think of any big or indie releases this year.

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty are not good games, they're terrible, much like the people who play them. I'm not buying that shit.

So back on track, Skyrim. To do a review properly, one would do ratings, so yeah, I'll do ratings i suppose.

Well lets begin. Graphics: 10/10
This is generally not something I pay much attention too, because I don't need a game to look good to be immersed. But Good graphics certainly won't hurt your game, and some people are absolute faggots about graphics, see anyone who seriously thinks crysis is a good game.

This game, though 4 years ahead of Crysis, looks almost as good, and doesn't need a computer you'd only get by trading your soul to the devil. Actually, the requirements are pretty lenient, when compared to CoD or god damn crysis. So this is a 10.

Story: 9/10
The main reason for the non-perfect score is probably due to my lack of knowledge on the Elder Scrolls lore, asides from that though, the lore is well written into the narrative, not all blurted out like the game wanted to hand you a glossary at the beginning, you can choose to read books lying around, which help with understanding how shit is and all.

Gameplay: 10/10
I was almost going to give this an 11/10, but not only would that defy logic, and sound silly, it also isn't accurate, still, its a perfect score, here's why.

The game is just awesome, there is so much you can do, and it strains my brain just thinking how much went into all this, the fact you can ride rapids like a water park and set just about anything on fire is really awesome, the few restrictions to this rule are snow and water, duh.

The only reason I at one point, had issues with gameplay was because I use Windows XP, and there is an anoying bug, which basically makes it so it does a 2-7 second pause sporadically, when outside. This breaks the immersion a fuckload, and would have gotten this score to a 9, but some awesome guy made an unofficial patch and it was all good then.

The skills levelling up and perks are far better than oblivions 'sleep to level up' bullshit as well, in this installment of the franchise; levelling up means something.

The best thing about the gameplay is choice, I basically played by the cards, and did my fellow nords proud, but after I had aquired a fullset of dragonbone armor and a legendary weapon that hit for 500, I decided to say 'fuck the police' and kill everything, eventually I realised that killing everything in a homocidal rampage felt really satisfying, especially against previously mentioned imperians, they are the hugest asshats with a broom handle the size of Texas up their ass, as you can imagine it feels very gratifying when the camera zooms in on you shoving your duel swords through their chest or decapitating them, it is simply the best feeling there is.

Audio 10/10
Okay, so the music is phenominal, especially when fighting the games antagonists, dragons, there are plenty of them, but they are more sparse than your usual monster, essentially they are bosses, angry fire or ice breathing ones, there may be more elements in draconic echelon, but I have yet to encounter one.

The voice acting is actually good, and doesn't sound like it was done by a total of 5 people, like it actually was in oblivion. Many varied voices, with the norse accents and the imperian bastards who think they own the place, the audio definitely gets a 10, my only complaint is the lack of more than one battle track, asides from obviously fighting dragons.

 9.75/10. Pretty much a top mark, if your wallets starting to bulge and you have no other big releases you're looking forward to this year, Skyrim is definitely worth your money.

I don't think I've ever given a game this higher score, thats probably because you cannot beat Skyrim in a GOTY-off, it is simply the best game there is.

Maybe I'll review Terraria 1.1 later on, right now though, another post is coming your way. Keep your eyes on this blog, my loyal adherents, for I will soon be talking of my opinion on RPG maker VX Ace.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a long busy week it's been.

Busy, but awesome, so since most of you won't know, I play on an MC server that is up 9 hours a week that I attend almost religiously, Terraria is also having a major patch break down my door on December 1st (2nd for me because of weird timezone shit.) and it is an update I am very highly anticipating, me and a couple friends are going to have an all night release party.

Shit is going to be hellacious, christmas is also coming up and that has required me to be busy more than usual. I couldn't be more happy with how this year is ending though, and since I have 10 hours before Terraria 1.1 is released, I'm going to review skyrim, because I have had a good fuck around with it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Homestuck Spoof.

As if we needed anymore, right? This was mainly just too improve my skills at flash, which are at the very least, a little rusty. The very most, hella awful. But the quality you can present with flash is pretty astounding.

If you were interested, you can have a look over at my blog just for it.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thoughts on WoW MoP

If anyone who knows me well actually reads this thing, (ofcourse I am kidding.) you will know that I Play World of Warcraft, not obsessively like I used to, actually I play it very sparsely now, to avoid myself from getting bored with it, which is very easy for it to do.

I read MMO-Champion when the news about World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria was trademarked by Blizzard, and then was only hours late for the announcement of it actually becoming a reality.

My thoughts on Playing a Pandaren are as optimistic as they have ever been, being a person who played through the warcraft 3 campaign and got to know the Pandaren with their drinking and puns is something I always wanted to be a part of WoW, and the whole debate about playing Pandas being a silly idea is rubbish. Pro-tip, idiots of the wow fanbase, they were originally going to be added in expansion one, burning crusade, as an alliance race, and according to a dev chart made in 2004, they had them planned for expansion 3 originally, which cataclysm took over. It's not like its the first cute or alien race, remember Draenei? And theres Gnomes and Goblins for the players who want to play something adorable. Besides this fact Pandaren aren't snuggably cute, they weren't in WCIII either, they were more friendly and happy go lucky looking, but the world has changed over the years, and thus, so have the inhabitants.

The Pandaren are one of the characters I've always wanted to play, just like I've always wanted to play an Abomination.

There are, other changes, a lot of them good, but some need to be looked at.
Incentives for dungeons/raiders to run quests and do outdoor/daily kind of stuff. For example finishing a quest might give you a buff for the day, and maybe that buff will let you roll on a loot that only appears to people with that buff.
Okay, straight up, this is a fucking horrible idea, dailies to get loot, it disgusts me they would even hazard the possibility of such an outrageous and idiotic plan.

If there is one thing that I truly hate about wow, its dailies! I absolutely despise them with every fibre of my being, the only ones I will put up with is the 7 dungeon runs and holiday bosses.

Because atleast those are mildly interesting. You know how Spiral Knights decided limiting dungeon runs to how much myst energy you could buy / afford therefore making gear available only to people who had a lot of money or time? Well Blizzard saw this and cried "Three Rings will never out do US on bad design decisions, daily requirements on gear for everyone! You won't even be able to fucking SEE the loot under all those daily quests."

I wouldn't be so angry about this if they weren't trying to make it sound like a GOOD idea, because its a very BAD idea, and basically forces players who don't have the time or give a shit about dailies to actually have to participate in them.

I'd be okay if it was simply "Do this quest in this storyline, you always get to roll on that loot" THAT wouldn't be nearly as bad, for one you only have to do regular storyline quests once, and its something you'll likely end up doing anyway, either for achievements or because they are just enjoyable, much like a lot of quests in WoW since Cata.

However, no matter how fun quests are, it's still going to get annoying after the 50th fucking time.

Okay, now for another subject of contraversy.
Pet Battle System
This one is rather controversial, but in essence its basically like saying. "Yo dawg, I herd you liek games, so I put a Pokemon game in your WoW MMO so you can play while you play."

This is, likely the most Blatant ripoff of pokemon I've ever seen, if its fun and it is genuinely enjoyable though, I don't really care.

Pokemon games are basically dead now anyway, Pokemon Black and White were clearly a desperate attention grab. Mind you, so is this expansion.

Now we have this.
PvE Scenarios
  • PvE Scenarios are a way to give new interesting content that doesn't make sense in a dungeon content.
  • Scenarios are more about reusing parts of the world in interesting new ways, and introducing new types of PvE gameplay that we've never seen before like PvE battlegrounds.
  • They are short instances for a few players, the amount of players can vary depending on the scenario, some of them can be for 3 players.
  • You don't need the typical tank/heal/dps setup, you will just be able to enter and play your role no matter what it is.
  • It will be a staged experience where you will try to accomplish some greater goal
  • For example, a scenario might require you to kill 25 kobolds in stage 1, then find and return 4 goldshire children, and then kill the boss.
  • Developers would like to do PvE battlegrounds, where you will have to slay 50 alliance/horde soldiers, destroy 6 towers and the barracks, and then defeat the enemy General.
  • They could replace group quests.
  • It uses the same queue system as the dungeon finder
  • Since there is no role requirements, queues should be instant.
This is actually my most anticipated change, for those who didn't play warhammer online and didn't get to do a public quest, here is the basic overview.

It would take place on the open world, and  you would have stages, objectives were usually 2-4 minutes each, when you completed one, the next one would immeadiately initiate, once you did the final objective, usually killing a boss, you would be rewarded with phat lewts, and get a decent amount of influence in that area. (basically it was like rep for easy gear)

While some people disliked it, I found it an awesome thing to waste time on, especially since most of the regular quests in warhammer online were kill x, acquire x, or kill x and acquire y. There were a few fun ones, but Public quests were rather intense, and also made gearing up significantly less of a pain in the ass, especially in an MMO where the only active times were primetime. I honestly anticipate this change as much as playing a Pandaren
Monk Resources
  • Chi (energy) slowly regenerates and is only used for your Jab and Roll abilities.
  • Jab generates Light and Dark force, which are used for everything else. Some finishing move uses dark force, some use the light force.
  • No auto attack! Devs want you to have this street fighter feel where you punch a lot
I'm fine with the Chi thing, that sounds interesting, however, dodge roll and jab sound a little less glorified, not because I don't encourage skill, but because of lag.

Imagine if I was fighting a sentient being in pvp, they went to attack me, and because their ping is only 105 (american) and mine was 564 (Australian, and it can get much more ridiculous) if they attack you with a fast projectile or punch, and I dodge roll to get out of it, their speed advantage and my lag disadvantage mean that even if I clicked when he went for me, I'd get hit mid roll. therefore making the skill only relevant if you are in close proximity to the server, and going by the fact the Oceanic server is in California, and not Australia, if I was the most skilled pvper in the world and dodgeing would usually be a piece of cake, it wouldn't matter. Granted, I could guess at when they would attack me and roll a second or so before they tried to lunge at me. But that is unreliable, and stupid.

The Dodge roll theory applies vice versa as well, meaning an american could dodge all of my attacks, and I couldn't hit him once.

In conclusion, this is another blatant ripoff, they are trying to go for the guild wars model, I believe. The thing is, their game isn't designed around dodge rolls. Most projectiles hit the player even if the idiot shooting is facing 45 degrees wrongwards. mage fireballs, warlock shadowbolts etc, home for the target, so this change is complete horseshit, the only things you will be able to possibly avoid is shockwave, dragon's breath, cone of cold, typhoon, and other frontal cone abilities. How many mages have avoided a shadow bolts damage because they blinked?

Exactly. The dodge roll is a complete waste of time.

Autoattacking not being a thing for monks is probably okay, though I can't say I fancy the idea of pressing key '2' every second.

Everything else sounds pretty good or like it won't have much impact on what I do in wow, if Blizzard does this right, and pulls out all the stumps to make this expansion fun and amazing, it will give them new life, should they fail however, I may have to question the lifespan of their game, in anycase, it certainly won't be finite if this expansion turns out anything like Diablo III.

Thats me done for the day.

-Bizarre Monkey out.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Working on Menagerie full time.

Working on Menagerie full time, now. I'll resume working on Intelligence once two perimeters are complete, the first being that Menagerie 0.1 Demo release is out, the second being that I get some proper feedback about Intelligence Patch 1.1

I have got some, but it is not quite enough. I also promised myself I would get a demo out of Menagerie once Intelligence 1.1 was done.

There are some major changes in Menagerie that make it easily distinguishable from Intelligence, the first is a caste of humanoid characters, instead of 3 fluffy animals and a skeleton. The second one, and one of the bigger changes, is the crafting system.

The Crafting system has made sure I have loads of items, over 200 infact, not including weapons and armor.

There are infact 32 weapons this time around, eight for each character, the accessories are only 26, but all I basically did was remove the pointless single resistance and immunity versus critical trinkets.

The Crafting system goes pretty deep, there are many materials, some only accessable at higher levels, certain places, or at night/day.

In order:
Tree leaves, vines, flowers and Lumber
Cooking Ingredients
Blood and Mana
Creature Trophies

There's 8 of each of those, so theres a lot of materials.

The First third of the game will be progressive crafting, up until you make The Zephyr, a powerful spacecraft assembled from 8 pieces, building a lot of those peices will require you to get Uranium, Plutonium, Blue Sun Metal and several other rare ingredients.

Everything you can make will require you to have its recipe, found throughout the world, and sold by Spooky on occasion, though he usually sells the ship part recipes. You can craft an item anytime you are in control of the characters by pressing the menu key [ESC usually] and selecting the Craft Option.

Each Recipe is also an item, so a lot of the 200 items are to do with crafting.

Recently, I started redoing the introduction, which was unbeleivably lacking... not anymore. It also gave me a chance to gie the characters longer Introductions so we know a bit more about them, and in the process, learn about Tac too.

The Menagerie's homeworld now has a name too, Nadine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Time for some 1.1 madness! Because it's here.

I expected people to swarm to 1.1 like locusts to a cherry bush, but I guess its clear to start work on another idea, thankfully, I already have one which I have discussed rather sparingly, the next game in progress some of you may know of, it's called Menagerie. It's a game with a story similar only to nothing, and Characters that fly in the face of Stereotypes. Not all the characters are completely flipping off stereotypes, the best example of a character that wouldn't be a complete 'fuck you' to stereotypes is Spooky, a friendly alien wayward from his Universal Conquest craving kin, along with Tac, his Biological mother.

The stereotypes for aliens are not really there, there have been movies about aliens who as a whole, desire mortal conquest, some who just want to make friends in the universe, and a solitary or small group of aliens who are wayward of the two examples thereof.

In brief, it's hard to make an unusual alien, because stereotypes don't exist for them as no man has ever found a bustling alien civilisation, and stereotypes can't be given for something that hasn't been discovered and rather only speculated.

Ofcourse, I would love to think their are many more lively planets beyond our own, heck, I'd like to think there's a culture more technologically advanced than our own, but the answer to those questions lie far beyond our reach, in a universe of such immense and vast size, the universe we know so little about. It is possible there are other lively planets, and I hope that one day, even though we are living on the crap sandwich we created and call home, some band of aliens will come slap our shit, tell us how to buld shit cleanly, give us some supplies, and be off, and come check on us every year or so, if they did such a thing, it would definitely make the world a much better place, but this is not the topic I came here to have descend down into your eye sockets and into your rather small thinkpan.

The other characters, who the alien helps are a Dwarven Druid, Elven (or something other?) Technician and probably the nail in the coffin for stereotypes, a Goblin paladin. Granted, these three adventurers are the only ones of their respective race that are oddball, Giddy Goodwink, the previously mentioned nail in the massive coffin of stereotypes, is the only of his kin to become a Paladin, the Dwarven Druid, something you'll never see in any Tolkien, Warcraft or other medieval fantasy series ever, is also an exception to the rest of his stereotypical race, the Elf who uses guns (I shit you not) and has a fondness for engineering and science, may not even be elven at all. It was originally my plan to have the Elf in the game, be a tomboy brawler who punched the crap out of anything that made her upset, but I thought, this is already a stereotype. Actually, Tristy (the Kangaroo from my first game of any considerable worth) had a rather Tomboyish streak at times, though hers was more in the Australian way, where a woman can say "You're going to love my dog" when looking at a cat that lives next door and have it not seem false. The Tomboy stereotype is also a terrible thing to try to write when you dont know any tomboys in your life (mothers and sisters don't count), I have however, known a good few soft spoken well mannered "in the clouds with faeries" girls, and I generally just tend to think of what they would say in the situation the elf (or not?) would be presented with.

Okay, you know what, here's what the elf really is, she's a fairy. No, wait, shes actually a sprite, a tall and slim version of those fat short faeries you generally see on christmas and birthday cards.

This was hardly a point of suspense and I apologize if I conveyed it as such, I've used the previously mentioned sprite in any game I've ever made,(The Neopets fangame I haven't released doesn't count, because it clearly uses faeries.) not to mention its revealed in the first few fucking minutes of the game anyway, and is highly speculated before hand. As soon as you are introduced to the character, you will be hinted that she is not an elf, so yeah. I don't know why I thought keeping that under wraps was an idea worthy of any measure of consideration.

Now, if you've played v1.1 and some how gotten up to outer space, and have checked out Galaxia, which is basically a planet turned to stone by a stupid wizard. You will have already found out that this is a game about 'fighting the aliens', and the grim conclusion afterwards. Which is Basically an idiotic wizard turning the planet to stone to try to stop Archbishop Noir, not to be confused with Jack Noir, who is a thousand times more bad-ass and is my whole inspiration for the Arshbishop in the first place. So, to wrap up a small blurb for the story, the 4 oddball protagonists are either exiled from or leave their kin. The biological mother of Spooky; Tac(not to be confused with Tak, whose only similarity with the character is the gender and eerily similar names), is responsible for these events, and very shortly into the game she reveals herself and her plans for the adventurers, which consists of crafting a spacecraft, going to a massive dupilcation facility, to make a few more, and then take the fight to the Galaxion Exodus, who are coming to their planet to slaughter the inhabitants, collect it's valuable resources, and convert it into something they would convey as useful. The two leaders (or Directors, not to be confused with Tallest) behind this attack are the specific targets. Tac explains that if they are destroyed, the Exodus will crumble without their 'direction'. During the assault, the Archbishop Noir, paperwork mule for the idiots he has to call Directors, gets sick of their horseshit and when they are distracted by the fireworks display caused by the four heroes, he literally stabs Director Vind in the back, and takes his Ring of Heirachy. When he equips it, even though Slik tries to put him in his place, the wayward Archbishop easily offs him, in the same way he did Vind, which is the same way they earned director status, satisfied with the irony behind their deaths at his hand, he decided to further Tac's plans, with both rings equipped, now brimming with power, he uses the same sword he stabbed the directors with to cut the Imperial -flagship of the exodus- in two, and flies around giving the rest of the ships in the Exodus the backstabbing treatment, he then, pleased by the four adventurers inadvertent help, lets them off with a simple; "do not return, your mission is completed, I will deal with the rest of these idiots myself!". Instead of obey his instructions, they decide to follow him. He flies back to Galaxia, and takes to the Director's Palace, and slashes every flag in his fuming rage. Afterwards, he takes to the streets, and indiscriminately murders Galaxions left and right, usually swinging the same sword he used on the directors in a full circle, leaving Galaxions all around short of half a carapace, with rings twofold, he literally slaughters every single civilian, soldier and Galaxion alive. In the end, even Tac and Spooky are impaled, though he seemed rather displeased of their mortality, them being the two mainly responsible for his planned uprising becoming a reality. In a rather uncharacteristic apology, he ressurects Spooky with the power of both rings, and Tac shortly after, after an epic battle with the four heroes, he admits defeat, and tells them to leave immediately, for their own good. The adventurers, knowing now to obey the command, leave without a question, though Tac and Spooky decide to stay at home, even if it meant the death of them. The Archbishop says he may as well not even have resurrected them, but assures them he feels better knowing their final deaths won't be at his hand. He absconds the hell out of there as well, to go wreck more planets shit up, and to escape the last living Galaxions stupidity.

It is at this point that Tac, Spooky, and all of Galaxia is turned to stone.

The Heroes return to their home planet, having a celebration that lasts many days, but wonder if it was a good idea to let the Rage fueled, wayward Archbishop, responsible for the destruction of an entire nation, go free.

I think I basically gave you the whole plot, but oh well. No one reads this fucking blog anyway.

While I have the plot layed out, I have been slow working on Menagerie because the crafting system, -the system you'll likely be using for the first third of the game-, is not working as I would like it to, I'm using Yanfly's Synthesize system, so I can have scrolls teach recipes, but I can't figure out how to configure the fucking thing. I want it to show only the recipes you have in your inventory, but it will either show everything or nothing.

I'm going to look at this issue, but since I just finished v1.1, I want to have a bit of rest and some time to chill with my pals and bros.

Also, where's my feedback on 1.1? Surely theres something you guys want to complain about or tell me. Maybe you found a bug, please submit anything about the game at the thread on any respectable website, see http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=43329 or http://www.omega-dev.net/forums/showthread.php?tid=1126

I also said I would probably have to use Parallax Mapping for Galaxia, well I decided to scrap that idea because I was running out of time, it isn't even prominently featured in this patch and most important of all, I don't fucking want to.

Right now it looks like a Brown shooter without the shooting, though the oddworld music going in the background should give it a feel thats not so fucking depressing.

Next Patch; (if I get around to it.) I will probably introduce Byteopia and Oddworld as the levelling places to get to level 40, and eventually fight Jolt, but I am not going to even bother with that while I have Menagerie to do and while my thread is still empty post 1.1

Once 1.2 is done, I don't know where the next places will be, there are plenty of other universes I have created from my Bizarre Mind Disc, most done in Tabletop games that were never finished and I never planned to release anyway.

One of those examples, Byteopia, is already in there, barely though. You can see Poolington, the world map, and thats about it. It also features the Oddworld music, because I figure it went well with the "Not Until 1.2" much like that section in the Abe's Oddysee demo where you go the right of the lift on the bottom floor.

As for Galaxia, I thought the oddworld music just fit with the brown desolation, of a planet destroyed by idiocy. It might fit well with our planet in the distant future, which is likely the most depressing thing I've ever said.

There are actually a few tracks in my game now from the oddworld's first game, and still likely my favourite to date. The one used for Galaxia and Byteopia is Stockyards/Main Menu, the other tracks used are Slog Tension and Slog Chase, the Tension one is in the ME folder, so I can Play ME: Slog Tension, and then Play BGM: Slog Chase after it for great effect. As soon as Tension stops playing, chase plays and it gives a very oddworld vibe, one I encourage because the vibes from that game are simply the best vibes there are.

As for who made the Oddworld Soundtrack, Ellen Meijers is the mastermind behind all the oddworld Music and sound effects, the "Train" ME I have in my game is pulled from Exoddus.

Ellen Meijers is in the credits like all of the other artists whose music is used, they deserve an honorable mention for such musical masterpieces, Ellen deserves an especially Honorable mention though, and if I ever had enough money to hire a proffesional composer, Ellen Meijers would be my number one choice.

Oh god, look at this wall o' text, this is what happens when I don't post in a few months, my feelings and opinions want to be let out and just weave themselves onto the paper, or digital canvas.

- Bizarre Monkey out.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm back! Also thoughts on v1.1

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me well knows that I was moving back to my hometown, been here roughly 4 days and have internet, the house is awesome. Huge backyard for my dog and Im all settled in.

With a general lack of any innernetz I decided to get some dev done. and started working my ass off. most of it went on a pet project though, ugh.

Anywho, I think I might leave a few big features like sidequests and special waypoints to another update.

Fear not though, Outerspace is still coming, and its under construction. The Solar Systems and all that are setup, all that remains are the planets themselves. I have done a considerable portion of Spriteopia as well. Even done a decent portion of the Dark Void... the habitat for evil Dark Faeries.

A lot of items have been made, you no longer wear head and chest armor. All accessories now. Each with its unique icon for a good layer of polish, there are 35 different acessories.

I've also made new items, permanent stat boosting ones like Wizard Cake, Uranium Apple, etc.

I should go to bed before I collapse, have a good night.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open worlds, gotta love em.

It may or may not be obvious if you have played my games, but to the keen eye and knowingly my own, quite a good few of the maps on earth are well seamed, in that if they were merged together they could well be a big, open world and all that is left to do is fill the gaps, in these gaps you can put all sorts of treasures, traps and puzzles. With the addition of Tenterfield, Banalbo, Casino, Lismore, and the journeys from one to another and all other towns, the east coast of australia is becoming rather large in my game, obviously not to scale, it's grown a massive amount since the original merging, that resulted in this.

That is in short, what the east coast used to look like, and you can clearly disinguish the certain areas, the filled in areas are the Western Brisbane Extension and the huge forest below. And a small extra chunk of water and pacific highway in the bottom right, this map has no lismore, casino, banalbo, or Tenterfield, and was unbeleivably innacurate, so I added those cities as well as ballina on the south end of the pacific highway, I know it will still be far from accurate, but it is a lot more representive of the general area of where I've been in my 23 years.

So yeah, lots of progress beside this, the promised content to be added before beating the game is done, with the exception of sidequests and extra waypoints, now I'm working on the open world and indeed, outer space! I've made the the main city of spriteopia as far as the planet goes, I'll be making the Darkvoid (Home of the Dark Sprites) when I get done with the open world map.

Then comes Galaxion, which will require parralax mapping, hooray.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New tileset, but it's not by me. Also my thoughts, straight from my thinkpan to your screen.

If you have looked at my thread within the last 4 days, or indeed the Resource WIP thread in the last two days, you will see I have been trying to make a tileset that goes nicely with my comical art style, and after just finishing the god damned basis for the ocean autotile I have to do animations for each frame as well, well you know what, I don't fucking want to...

The one tile was hard enough to line up every which way, I'm not doing it again 3 times, multiplied by the 8 different tiles in the first part of TileA, I suppose there are easier autotiles in there --water/lavafalls basically--, but I was extremely tired after just doing one autotile, doing another 23 for TileA1 and another 8 for both TileA2 and TileA3 would take too much time and probably drive me insane in the process.

So I'm going to get a tileset that doesn't so boldly clash with my bright and colorful art style. Instead of the RTP that is desaturated by 30% before you can say the word JPEG, that tileset is awful.

I know some people have said Mack tiles stole the RTP's thunder, but I don't care, and likely the RTP is the worst tileset in existence, Super Mario had better graphics design than this, mind you, Enterbrain... or Enterbrainless more coherently speaking, is actually a Magazine Printing Franchise, and RPG Maker just happens to be a thing they make off to the side, so I suppose that excuses some of the bad ideas they implemented for VX, but some of it can not be forgiven.

The screen resolution is one of those things. 544x416 is a terrible screen resolution, one that didn't even exist, or wouldn't have existed until we let magazine companies make toys, toys which they should have probably figured were there best seller by now, the RPG Maker community is probably one of the biggest communities I've had the pleasure of being in, most of them friendly unlike the angry nerdraging bastards that are the World of Warcraft community.

Most people are nice enough to help you with something if you are clear on what you want, and I always know what I want, probably my two best friends are from the RPG Maker Community, and I have many other people who are mutual friends, I won't mention names here because I don't want them to look at me funny when I join the IRC next (yes, we have those). To be honest I only have one friend from my 6 years of WoW I truly trust, but that is likely because she doesn't play WoW much at all, but thats simply the only place we can talk.

Now I was talking about something ealier, the tilesets, and I decided not to make one because of effort and possibility of brain trauma. So instead, I am using the only tilesets that are as colourful and bright as my game:

The Night'Walker tiles, congratulations Night'Walker, you're in the credits. It's a pity I couldn't find where you put the snowy ones everyones talking about. Thankfully my friend has an incredibly silly habit of grabbing every resource he sees and not noting the creator, funnily enough I was searching for Mack Tiles for a good half hour until I realised Mack's Tiles are drab compared to these, the ones he gave me, the ones he thinks are Mack Tiles and are Actually Night'Walkers, further supported by the fact that Mack doesn't make snow tiles for some reason. These are unbelievably colourful and bright compared to the drab and saturated RTP, the beaches or sandbanks are incredible (the ones by Night'Walker, I mean) and makes the world look less square, a common syndrome in VX games that use the RTP.

And since you all won't shut up about it, I'm going to reveal the basic plot (twists not included), behind Menagerie, a game you have so far only seen the 4 main characters, a title screen, and side character of (if you are incredibly observant of my work, that is), it's still using the RTP at the moment, might change to Night'Walker later, we'll see. So here the plot summary goes:

The First four characters will be introuced seperately, in a homestuck sort of fashion (Shhh, you'll see), and have a short section each until they are brought together by the side character (and very important to the plot), Tac, a Galaxion who was exiled for failing a mission, the Galaxions are a race who enjoy Universal Conquest, and start training at a very young age, they are led by a ruling council of 2 'Directors' that according to Tac, got to Director status through Blatant succession, suggesting they murdered and dethroned the previous two, and their race has suffered because of it. Tac explains that there next invasion will be of Azuron, (the home planet of 3 of the main characters.) Tac explained that the current directors can be taken care of more easily than the previous two, as they are clumsy and dumbfounded. And sends the four heroes on a mission to protect Azuron before it is annihilated, she reveals many major 'plot points', especially about Fyori, one in particular is that Fyori is assigned the mission of designing the spacecraft capable of taking down the Exodus. Tac assigns Spooky, the fourth party member and the genetic son of Tac to help Fyori in this task. This is as far as I have gotten as far as game events go, but the story continues:

Once the spacecraft has been created, the four party members need to find the Dimensional Teleporter, once they do, they will travel through it to a massive Lab housing the last known universal Duplicator, they need to put the spacecraft they have created in it, and make many more, so they can repel the Galaxion Exodus, and hopefully destroy their flagship, the Imperial, and the two Sinister Director's with it.

After the Directors go down with the ship, the heroes will be given another mission, a much more dangerous one, they will infiltrate Galaxion, and destroy the "Control Brain's" that basically run the Planet, the Director's are more like figureheads, even they have to follow the Control Brain's orders.

Once the Last Control Brain is Destroyed, the planet ceases functioning, doors won't work, Galaxions won't be sumarised, and all will be equal, which is exactly how Tac wants it. No leaders means no power, and no power means no greed, and no greed means no nastiness, which is what Tac hates the most, as it is how she was exiled, and how the Galaxion Empire was turned into a blatant succession game.

There will be a major focus on crafting in this game, more so than Terra(where it was simply used to obatin gear easier.), in a lot of places, you will need crafting to advance the plot. I've only just started, and its gonna be a long while before this game is seen by anyone but me.

For the people who have played Intelligence, and actually 'explored' the Necropolis, you will know that Galaxion and all who lived within was turned to stone by an incredibly powerful sorcerer, as much as I'd love to be lazy and say "Its a different game, therefore it's non-canon' I'd like to think I'm more professional than that, so here's a summary of what happens years before the time of Intelligence, and years after the time of Menagerie:

Due to the lack of a heirachy, a lot of Galaxion's would have succumbed to things that happen when fear is unpresented, like Riot, mischief and white/black magic, one foolish Galaxion would probably have found out how to cast the spell described, but never named, and didn't realise the side effect, and cast it on the whole planet to be a dick, and ended the Galaxion Chapter forever, by turning them into rocks.

Here comes the description of Galaxion in Intelligence v1.1, it will likely be an entire planet, buildings, spacecraft, Galaxions and all, that look like rocks. This may be more fascinating than it sounds however, as you can probably not imagine how intricate the design will be. I'll probably have to use parallax mapping though, FML.

I think thats all my thought's vented for today, which is what I primarily made this blog for, but didn't realise it until an hour ago.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to blog, and then back to dev, yeehawww.

Intelligence has been a true success, considering its only my 3rd game out with an average rating of 7/10, I'm very pleased with how it went, and despite the minor annoyances like the 1.0 spawn bodge, it has been a great lot of fun to make this game, and don't think it is going to die just yet, I have said from the start I will be releasing content patches for it, and by my glorious fuzzy ass thats how it will be!

v1.1 will host an enormous amount of features near worthy of an expansion, but jumping from v1.0 to v2.0 seems silly for a game that was released only a month ago, so it will simply be v1.1, I can't say every Content patch will be this packed full of goodies, because if I tried to out do the patch before every patch an expansion would end up taking 3 years, so lets be happy that v1.1 is going to be so mega huge. The only problem is that it is going to take time, a reviewer suggested an enormous array of ideas, most of which I liked, and will be incoorporated, for example, the game is too linear, so there will very likely be extra pockets you can go to find treasure, the simple evented waypoints system I have in place will ease this tremendously, much more end game content will be coming, Pyro will be the boss of this patch, The Ancient one of Element fire, also referred to as the firelord, exploration will be coming in this update aswell, once you finish the game you will be gifted a vortian cruiser that you can fly through space with, and visit various planets, the planets won't have much in them at first, but more will be added on later. Don't think that will stop the planets looking unique though, Vort will likely be heavily based off Modern Japan, Galaxion will be made entirely out of stone, the reasons for this some of you will know, Galaxion will also be featured in my next game(not encased in stone), if I ever get working on it again.

Hope will probably be a very primitive and dry desert place, with an egyptian feel, but a bit more steam punk since these are humans 20 years ahead of us, or 40 by the time your playing the game.

Oddworld, will likely not be on the universal map, as oddworld has 4 games already, we don't need me spoofing one.

In it's place, I will likely have Spriteopia, the home planet of the sprites and faeries very few see on earth, it will probably look rather similar to the cloud city of the same name in Terra.

For a list of planned features you can go to my thread, which you can link to from the first post.

Intelligence also got No-RTP and RTP versions today, so your friend won't have to have RPG Maker VX to play it.

Also, just throwing this out there, Autotiles are not fun to make, nobody likes them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

1.0 is coming.

Intelligence 0.9.2 is probably going to be skipped and be 1.0, since it seems I've milked all I can out of the game in demo form, I won't be doing this right away because there is one last bit of feedback I'd like to get if at all possible, If there's no further feedback by Sunday (+10:00 GMT here), then I'll release 1.0

On the plus side, 35 downloads as of time of writing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yarr harr, fiddle de dee, I'm a success, it is me!

Gone through probably 3 blogs now, this one is final, If I can't keep this blog going, I am going to stop blogging completely (or just very rarely i.e. when I feel like it), anyway, I wouldn't have written such a horribly refrencing title if i wasn't actually a success, so here's the story...

After my old game failed (and a short break from development), I started working on a new, really original and hopefully fun project. Taking my old game as a bad example and moving away from that model completely, in only 3 months I released a stable demo, which was about an hour long, once I posted it, it was well received, even by the host admin of the site, as soon as I realised people liked it and was given reviews for 7/10, I decided to keep going, the new content patches came out like clock work, and now the release candidate is ready, the 0.9 content patch, while the story is complete, and only about 2 and a half hours long, people have really enjoyed it, I decided to increase its publicity I would put it up on another website, and since then, 0.9 to 0.9.1 has gotten a total of 26 downloads, woo!

The gaes rating is 7.2 out of 10, with my old one being 4/10

My old game took five years.

This one took 5 months

It's a milestone, I am learning, and quickly too.

If you are the kind of person who is sick of seeing the same old content and shiz. This game might be the one for you, with frsh new characters and story go here.

If you are into traditional RPG's and haven't played through FFX, you can try this one.

Good luck.