Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Australia needs to grow the fuck up.

I love Australia, it has provided one of the safest and most financially safe living environments to me for all of my life and the security makes my transcontinental friends jealous. It's just a great country that while having it's problems, it gets by.

That said it has some fucking growing up to do, usually I don't chuck a shit fit over things Australia does because compared to anywhere else we're still doing a far smaller evil. That said the world of games and censorship continually manage to be drastically stupid here.

It's not the fault of developers or publishers, this is our own fault. Michael Ackinson and his fetishizers are the root of all this malarkey. It's all incredibly hypocritical and pointless. We recently got an 18+ rating after several years of pushing but SOMEHOW WE STILL FIND OUR RELEASES LATE. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MICHAEL ACKINSON WORSHIPPING DICKBAGS.

To state on the hypocrisy, we allow movies to be released as soon as the retailers are ready but GAMES... GAMES ARE A WHOLE OTHER MEDIUM, OH YES BECAUSE SOME GUY PLAYS SAINTS ROW IV HE'S GOING TO START KILLING PEOPLE WITH GUNS AND... NO!

That's fucking retarded, we allow diehard trilogy, we allow fifty shades of grey, we allow Jason Voorhes god awful movies but a game with slightly inappropriate content, OH NO THAT IS DEVIL SPAWN! PURGE IT, PURGE IT. We don't play games like Saints Row to teach us how to interact socially, we play them because they are fun you fucking hypocrites. Saints Row IV was almost banned in Australia (this isn't anything new, Australia's sensitivity is like terrible tumblrfaggotry) and even after that we are still getting a watered down product almost a month after America. This isn't Deep Silver or Volitions fault, it's ours, and especially you fucking sensitive people. Grow the fuck up and stop thinking that games cause violence. That's not how it works, if a kid goeson a rampage it isn't because of games, it's because their parents are fucking terrible and you should get that, but these parents want to discard their culpability by blaming something that can't say 'naw mate, it's your fault.' It happened with movies but now those are okay Games are the potential devil carriers. No, start taking responsobility for your own fuck ups you hideous trash. Games didn't turn your kids into murderers or suicidal degenerates, if you are a person who thinks this go get fucked, you're a parasite that is living off the guilt of your own shortcomings being diverted to a scapegoat.

So yes, Australia please grow the fuck up, I'm pirating Saints Row IV to get the real deal before September 12 (since I already pre-ordered the game) just to drive the point home.

Get your heads out of the gutter, your only giving me a game for free and making me wait slightly longer than making me play a toned down version. Get the fuck over yourselves.

Google give it up.


This isn't for user security, it's for spying. Anyone who wants to hide behind an alias will do so no matter what terrible bullshit you attempt to put forward. I don't use Google+ because why the fuck would I? But Facebook is even more of a Nazi about this kind of thing.

If I don't want to reveal my real name, then that's my fucking business you indomitable shits. Don't suspend my account just because I don't give you a way to feel smart or disable you gathering information to desist my actions if you find them detrimental, you hideous fucking SLOB of a company.

I don't fall for your 'security' focused validation for persisting to use my real name. Don't like what I do? Ban my account, it's not fucking hard. All I simply do is go under a slightly modified alias, so it's redundant anyway.

People know me as Bizarre Monkey, only a few good friends, my mother and brother know my actual name. Get your head out of your ass Google, you aren't special and you aren't getting privileges just because you have one of the best search engines to date, deep down you're still corporate scumbags and you fucking know it.

I am not going to tell you my name just because you say Google is my friend, I don't know if I can trust Google. I can't trust something that won't trust me to be well behaved under an alias.