Saturday, October 20, 2012

Complacency of Acceptance

So, this is a topic I decided to broach now, so perhaps a message is gotten through. Pffft, who am I kidding.

I've been letting it be known that I don't like Reddit (seriously no one should), I've stated multiple times how Hype can not be a positive thing, and that my opinion on call of duty players who were idiotic enough to buy the game and play it to feel like they got their money's worth. I've said I hate iPhone users who be smug pretentious tits who deep down realize Apple got more money out of their chump asses and they feel they need to make it clear that they have some sort of bragging abilities.

Well to further elaborate on all those, Apple dickwaving isn't anything new, it used to be for computers, and again, they felt entitled to bragging rights, never realizing deep down that they were just a massive idiot who let pricey products get the better of their brain. Sorry to break it to you fellas, I don't hold any mobile devices, I have only a windows computer. And usually its you who pick fights with people generally just enjoying Samsung. But really you're fun to troll, so keep hate-mailing me and I'll keep dishing out the elegant shark bites.

The Call of Duty players, for the most part, are pretty bad. First, if you had any decent gaming standards, you'd realize this game was a crock of shit. But go ahead, keep playing your heap of garbage, if it keeps your lack of manners and retarded verbosity out of Blacklight: Retribution.

Hype is a subject I've sort of changed stances on, I still see it as bad, but zero exposition is also terrible. I just give progress reports on my blog and on RPG maker pavilion.

Now as for Reddit, there is only one reason its good. Its not the "community" for lack of a better word, and it isn't for the people or the memes.

I'm not going to go pandering about this but case in a few words. "Reddit is terrible, the end."

Now, I've also let it be known I cherish new innovative game design and ideas. My works should give you that impression enough, now I'm happy to twist cliches, break tropes, shatter archetypes, etc.

What I will say is to make sure it is fun. Don't judge yourself with this, fun is different to epic. If you have some friends or family, let them test stuff out and see if they enjoy it as much, don't be afraid of criticism either. It is your vassal of wisdom.

I didn't say much about this game because it was kind of rushed in time for a friends "Un"birthday. But Hellcat shows not only how a Third person shooter can be fun, but storybound too. I will be updating it again once... oh wait.

Actually, I cant make any promises on updates from here on out. University is starting first semester next year and I'll have barely any time for RPG Maker then.

Anyway, out of all this, apparently disliking Reddit makes me a Hipster because its got mainstream appeal.

The meaning behind hipster sure has widened in spectrum, but honestly who cares. Its a label people. Am I a furry too because I use a monkey avatar? The internet is so retarded.

The weird thing is, that's what makes it so beautiful, beauty through the folds of this way expansive clusterfuck without limitation on content or quality. There are no standards or morals or rules, its a giant free-for-all. The only thing which guides us is respect, and our desire for it.

I like to be respected for my bizarre and weirdly logical viewpoint on game design and the world. But I don't want to whore myself out for this respect like iJustine or Minecraft Chick. If you want to act purposefully stupid and clueless for money and attention, that's your cup of tea, not mine.

I also tend to like a few popular things, like Skyrim, My Little Pony, Star Wars and Homestuck.

Lets get to the grit of all this, its not about me being a hipster or me liking the wrong things. It's because I personally disagree with your opinion and dont like what you like and like some things you don't.

I've noticed there are a lot of people arguing to no end about how MLP is good or how MLP is bad, well guess what, your both wrong. it is what it is at face value; a teen girls television show made by the same mind as "Foster's Home for Imaginary friends.". Any other details are basically redundant for purposes of argument. People have different opinions, and you telling them why this is bad or good wont change their mind. So stop trying, its pointless.

I might add that Gabe Newell watches My Little Pony, and there was a whole shitstorm over that on Youtube, I just trolled everyone hard and incited flame wars because it was fun.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, I like watching My Little Pony because its a fun show that brings joy to me. I'm a 24-year old male. Watching MLP is a simple pleasure really. If that makes me a Brony, then so be it.

If disliking Reddit makes me a hipster, well fine. Because I'm not going to that stunning whales ass of a site.

The thing about the internet is that you've got to be open to surprises, but not cave in to retards. I've been on the net for about 8 years now and I've seen a lot of strange things, I've heard the worst of insults to the most sappy of apologies. I've seen porn and another kind of porn, none of that really irks me much anymore, actually I usually go to Google images and search a topic of my interest to find porn, safe search disabled.

Its a colorful spectrum of wonders and horrors, of magic and curses, intrigue and disgust. It's the cybernetic expanse of free intelligence itself, and its a gift to mankind. I've accepted my role here, and I am complacent with it, the real question is...

Are you?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tilesets, Im up to my good gestalts in this crappy pixart, yo.

Eccentrically stupid title aside, chances are you only payed heed to the first part.

Good because thats progress, all too often im told that either my graphics don't fit in with the RTP tilesets, or that they just suck period.

Well for the latter, I don't really care.

For the former, here is some custom tileset-age of which your opinion can be concerned, I agree, the RTP tilesets clash terribly with my style.
This is new progressive content, incase you actually give a shit, its the great bridge to the Dwarven kingdoms.
To be Noted, only some of these tiles are mine, this is sort of a WIP deal.

You should be able to tell from the dip in quality.
Despite the odd time I took this capture, it is not a reference to the movie 23 or this games official release date. Because its obviously 12/12/12.

This is a subtle jab at the JRPG trope of regular towns people telling you what to do, so he's like all making excuses because you've been a babby long enough.
My pathways bring all the pills to the mill.
Modernne Arabian Nights
So yeah, Sorry I couldn't talk more on this, but I'm a little tired and don't feel like writing up a wall.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Major Progress update, Milestone reached.

To start you off, Menagerie's release is in sight, and I may get to have a short break before the scheduled 12/12/12 release date.

The Milestone is that not only are Item Tooltips complete, but Alchemy as well. Now its just linear progressive content, encounters and bugfixing that remain.

So, here are the Item Tooltips.
And here is alchemy complete.

We're making this shit work.
So those are two huge ordeals out of the way, the remainder is fun.

I can confirm 12/12/12 now, consider it an official release date, if by some bizarre mishap it isn't out by then, blame my computer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Progress update, on two games.

I went back to working on Intel for a while, now I have something to show for progress.
Watermarked to proof my ass from plagiarists.
And now, this is probably my favorite.
Pose heavy!
And before long, I made Tristy's facesheet as well.
Her arms are tricky! :o
You might notice none of these have an outline, well you'd be right, an outline stifles creativity.

Yes I do have a deviantart account, no it isn't Bizarremonkey, I forgot the password for that one, also its using a now erased email address for it so its BizarreSheep. (Which is a sort of in-joke between Scinaya, LordBagardo and myself.

So if it was news, I was banned from for publicly admitting theft of overpriced resources, I was given the same treatment on despite not having gone there in a year.

Now you'll have to go elsewhere for when I release Menagerie, don't worry I will provide links when the day comes. As well as a trailer maybe. :o

As for the faces above, they may be utilized in Patch 1.2 of Intelligence, not sure.Not that it matters until next year anyway.

I have done some Menagerie work, waiting for a code monkey to make a small upgrade to the item scene script, once that's done I will write all of them out, and then its just storyline additions and scenes from there on, the occasional art asset I'll have to make, but I've prepared for this game pretty well, most of the art assets were done half a year ago, I have been retouching some things, a big one is this.
Fyori is classier then ever.
That is Fyori ladies and gentlemen, she like all of the Menagerie, has 8 faces, I can always addon on more later.
So in-case it was obvious, shes a younger version o---*spoilers*
But considering her old image, its pretty obvious who she really is, but I'll leave that to you to imagine until the truth is revealed.

Well that should be enough content to stop you from spamming me with fanmail for a while, not that I mind, its flattering really, it would be to get any fanmail, because despite what I just said, I don't get any. :o

Well, in a sense I do, I have had a few comments over the span of this blog, mostly related to my "rpg maker VX ace... its the shit" post, but I've had another recently on "Menagerie Progress" which really lit up my day.

Fan Mail has become a term that could apply to just about any feedback I've gotten, so yeah. :o