Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to blog, and then back to dev, yeehawww.

Intelligence has been a true success, considering its only my 3rd game out with an average rating of 7/10, I'm very pleased with how it went, and despite the minor annoyances like the 1.0 spawn bodge, it has been a great lot of fun to make this game, and don't think it is going to die just yet, I have said from the start I will be releasing content patches for it, and by my glorious fuzzy ass thats how it will be!

v1.1 will host an enormous amount of features near worthy of an expansion, but jumping from v1.0 to v2.0 seems silly for a game that was released only a month ago, so it will simply be v1.1, I can't say every Content patch will be this packed full of goodies, because if I tried to out do the patch before every patch an expansion would end up taking 3 years, so lets be happy that v1.1 is going to be so mega huge. The only problem is that it is going to take time, a reviewer suggested an enormous array of ideas, most of which I liked, and will be incoorporated, for example, the game is too linear, so there will very likely be extra pockets you can go to find treasure, the simple evented waypoints system I have in place will ease this tremendously, much more end game content will be coming, Pyro will be the boss of this patch, The Ancient one of Element fire, also referred to as the firelord, exploration will be coming in this update aswell, once you finish the game you will be gifted a vortian cruiser that you can fly through space with, and visit various planets, the planets won't have much in them at first, but more will be added on later. Don't think that will stop the planets looking unique though, Vort will likely be heavily based off Modern Japan, Galaxion will be made entirely out of stone, the reasons for this some of you will know, Galaxion will also be featured in my next game(not encased in stone), if I ever get working on it again.

Hope will probably be a very primitive and dry desert place, with an egyptian feel, but a bit more steam punk since these are humans 20 years ahead of us, or 40 by the time your playing the game.

Oddworld, will likely not be on the universal map, as oddworld has 4 games already, we don't need me spoofing one.

In it's place, I will likely have Spriteopia, the home planet of the sprites and faeries very few see on earth, it will probably look rather similar to the cloud city of the same name in Terra.

For a list of planned features you can go to my thread, which you can link to from the first post.

Intelligence also got No-RTP and RTP versions today, so your friend won't have to have RPG Maker VX to play it.

Also, just throwing this out there, Autotiles are not fun to make, nobody likes them.

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