Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skyrim, Game of the Year up in this bitch.

You'll never play anything quite like an elder scrolls game, just like it would be foolish to try to develop a game like it. To start off, Oblivion was rather disappointing, and it has its variety of flaws, but thats not what this review is about. I'll simply be using it as a point of comparison in some cases, seeing as I haven't had a chance to buy morrowind with the literal shitload of other games pilfering my wallet this year, also christmas.

So, first off, in both my and my brothers opinion, this is the best game thats come out this year, and probably won't drop that title.

Sweater is going to be a big flop, and other than that, I can't think of any big or indie releases this year.

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty are not good games, they're terrible, much like the people who play them. I'm not buying that shit.

So back on track, Skyrim. To do a review properly, one would do ratings, so yeah, I'll do ratings i suppose.

Well lets begin. Graphics: 10/10
This is generally not something I pay much attention too, because I don't need a game to look good to be immersed. But Good graphics certainly won't hurt your game, and some people are absolute faggots about graphics, see anyone who seriously thinks crysis is a good game.

This game, though 4 years ahead of Crysis, looks almost as good, and doesn't need a computer you'd only get by trading your soul to the devil. Actually, the requirements are pretty lenient, when compared to CoD or god damn crysis. So this is a 10.

Story: 9/10
The main reason for the non-perfect score is probably due to my lack of knowledge on the Elder Scrolls lore, asides from that though, the lore is well written into the narrative, not all blurted out like the game wanted to hand you a glossary at the beginning, you can choose to read books lying around, which help with understanding how shit is and all.

Gameplay: 10/10
I was almost going to give this an 11/10, but not only would that defy logic, and sound silly, it also isn't accurate, still, its a perfect score, here's why.

The game is just awesome, there is so much you can do, and it strains my brain just thinking how much went into all this, the fact you can ride rapids like a water park and set just about anything on fire is really awesome, the few restrictions to this rule are snow and water, duh.

The only reason I at one point, had issues with gameplay was because I use Windows XP, and there is an anoying bug, which basically makes it so it does a 2-7 second pause sporadically, when outside. This breaks the immersion a fuckload, and would have gotten this score to a 9, but some awesome guy made an unofficial patch and it was all good then.

The skills levelling up and perks are far better than oblivions 'sleep to level up' bullshit as well, in this installment of the franchise; levelling up means something.

The best thing about the gameplay is choice, I basically played by the cards, and did my fellow nords proud, but after I had aquired a fullset of dragonbone armor and a legendary weapon that hit for 500, I decided to say 'fuck the police' and kill everything, eventually I realised that killing everything in a homocidal rampage felt really satisfying, especially against previously mentioned imperians, they are the hugest asshats with a broom handle the size of Texas up their ass, as you can imagine it feels very gratifying when the camera zooms in on you shoving your duel swords through their chest or decapitating them, it is simply the best feeling there is.

Audio 10/10
Okay, so the music is phenominal, especially when fighting the games antagonists, dragons, there are plenty of them, but they are more sparse than your usual monster, essentially they are bosses, angry fire or ice breathing ones, there may be more elements in draconic echelon, but I have yet to encounter one.

The voice acting is actually good, and doesn't sound like it was done by a total of 5 people, like it actually was in oblivion. Many varied voices, with the norse accents and the imperian bastards who think they own the place, the audio definitely gets a 10, my only complaint is the lack of more than one battle track, asides from obviously fighting dragons.

 9.75/10. Pretty much a top mark, if your wallets starting to bulge and you have no other big releases you're looking forward to this year, Skyrim is definitely worth your money.

I don't think I've ever given a game this higher score, thats probably because you cannot beat Skyrim in a GOTY-off, it is simply the best game there is.

Maybe I'll review Terraria 1.1 later on, right now though, another post is coming your way. Keep your eyes on this blog, my loyal adherents, for I will soon be talking of my opinion on RPG maker VX Ace.

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