Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cant stop me now!

Well okay, I could be stopped by unlikely bullshit that could never conceivably happen. Like sleeping in to 10 PM my time, which is likely the biggest load of unlikely shit to take place since I can barely... well fuck okay it is possible that will happen, but I will set my alarm, this is more real than craft mayo.

The timer up top is the countdown to the first demo.

When it hits 12:00:00:00 a trailer for Menagerie will be up on Youtube, when it hits 00:00:00:00 the game will be released, I've let some close friends test an alpha build and its shaping up well.
It should be noted that this countdown will end on 12/12/12 at 12 Midday according to the Big Ben. The central axis of time, that's right, this timer will end on midday in the middle of god damn London, this should make it so that no matter where you live in the world you should see this released on 12/12/12 even if your clock says it was early morning or late at night or whatever.

I should also notion that this was the best generated countdown I could get after searching, sadly the only one that looked anything like what I wanted had a big fucking watermark through it.

But this ones good, it doesn't have the Digital font, but after searching around and being disappointed, its worst is better than the others best.

In case it was news, the number 12 is a big deal in this game. Also I should let you know that it won't be a full release, I'm pulling the same shit I did with Intelligence, just release a demo and go forward with patches, except unlike Intelligence, this things story is already in stone, and Release Build 1.0.0 will be the final story patch, then it might just be a bit of bug-fixing and possibly the addition of optional content, like hella tough bosses and maybe just some fun time events, like travelling to earth and going forward about four centuries to see the crew of Intelligence. There will be optional time shit to sort out, which in canon you would do, but you don't have to personally, these would include many temporal paradox solvers, such as duplicating Director Slik's ring and sending it to different planets 400 years in the future, Intelligence will have similar side missions which are optional but only by personal invention, in canon these would be done, otherwise the acquisition of paradox items would mean unstable time loops resulting in an offshoot timeline that takes no effect on the Alpha timeline.

Paradoxial items include Rolly's Mangrit, Pep's Timekeeper, Tristy's **** (avoiding spoilers here, not censoring a rude word.) and Limbo's Fabulous Shirt. These will likely occur in inadvertent acts of random stupidity in Act 3, when you go back in time 400 years to see Galaxia at its prime, this is NOT when you will acquire Slik's Ring, but it will be when you inadvertently solve Paradoxes caused by having an existence 400 or so years beyond Galaxia's Prime. I have a few ideas for the already mentioned inadvertent acts of random stupidity.

Limbo is really happy with his shirt, so he'll probably go to some sort of Laundromat (or so he thinks) and make a god damn ton of his own shirts with a duplicator, surprised, he'll probably swim in his new pile of frighteningly fabulous flair, but then he doesn't want everyone to be wearing one of these, they are what makes him unique amongst Skeletopians and all cloth wearing creatures, so he goes to what he thinks is a trash facility, and ends up sending all but one to the Galaxion mail planet Postmartia through a teleportation device of sorts, he of course, having no idea where they went, would be none the wiser, he'd be more likely to appreciate the apparent quality of disintegration. On Postmartia, it would be mailed to anyone who saw it on the Galaxion "Goods for Galx" Catalog, of course, since Galaxions tend to not be very into fashion, and seem to all be obsessed with wearing some form of blue, they'd probably think this shirt was outlandish not to mention a waste of time and effort since unless they wore their brand elsewhere (Adashi, Orsa and Asarath are guilty of this) they would be executed, a brand must always be readily present on all Galaxions at all times, actually now I think about it the only reason chump would have bought this was out of curiosity since a Galaxion probably wouldn't know what the fuck a shirt even is, they wear a one piece uniform at all times which consists of a long sleeved shortneck blouse and a leg cover of some kind, outfit designs are very few, some have hoods, some have capes and some are even wrappings (Adashi insofar), there are also alternatives to kilts for those who need to be agile (again, see Adashi).

No one would wear such a thing, and if they did, they'd probably end up topless because of your greedy paradox-safe ass. But don't feel too bad, they'll be dead sooner than later.

See that's how this works, you cant create something out of nothing, the object has to exist in the future first place, it can come from alternate realms though, most notoriously the afterlives of Origin, though this is at great expense since you are basically taking items from demigods or servants thereof.

What you are basically doing is giving the owners of said items the materials to make a new one since apparently you are gonna nab theirs, this also brings to life some fairly deep thoughts on how Alchemy in the sense of this game works, you are essentially creating an item that already exists from materials you can gather. So its not even really alchemy, its teleportation based stock exchange, if an item doesnt exist in your time you cant make it because it isn't there to make. The alchemy codex labeled PARADOXIFICATION explains how this all works but since you cant read it, this is basically how it is.

Usually an item already exists at some time and place in your universe, or even an afterlife... there is one way in the universe, and those who see the future can not prevent it, whatever happens then will happen, its really quite silly, if you saw yourself making an omelette 10 days in the future, you'd think, huh, that's weird, why would I do that? But in the 10 days between now and then, you might see a sweet ass sail on eggs, and be like "oh hell yeah, I should get this while its on premium" and only realize after you cooked up those omelettes that you had actively been a tool of temporal predestination.

It gets even more mind-bending when dealing with Time travel, and different perspectives going by separate individuals and their personal timelines.

Knowing the future isn't the boon it sounds like, no one can change it, and more often than not, your attempts to do so end up being what starts the whole process in the first place.


As an example, in this video, Fyori is killed before the battle has even begun, but she lives because by Zardari's presence there, while wielding a ring of Heirachy, which ordinarily an Archbishop wouldn't have, which presents the face of him either Time Travelling with the power of the ring, or being given it to help him on his quest to halt the Menagerie, but he states that this wasn't the first time they've spoken, but for Fyori it was, from his perspective though, he's already done a ton of hectic shit which I will try to keep spoiler free but its really difficult when its revealed in this fashion, I'll just hope that anyone who wants to be filled in at the right moment rather than by my blog, either acknowledge the warning or just simply don't read this blog.

Point is, the mysterious murder happy Galaxion is indeed from the future, and is abusing time travel properties the ring carries. In a realistic situation he wouldn't have killed Fyori, but since she was alive last time they spoke, which conventionally speaking, was at least 12 days after this conversation had taken place he didn't worry. The murderer is cunning, and he knows that she has to be alive then regardless of what he does, because from his perspective, they'd already battled, he'd won, but let her and her really weird friends leave alive in a surly act of gratitude, since they are responsible for a chain of events which lead to this shadowy dudes uprising to power.

So he killed her, but she'll be revived from his point of view, which as shown she was only moments later.

It gets a little depressing when you think of the Alpha Timeline too intensely, though to be fair, it also kind of serves as plot armor. Though I have faith that only those trained in the temporally aligned and the games plot already wont discover this factor until it is no longer big news.


Later I'll start working on the trailer for 1/12/12, that's 12/1/12 if your country is stupid.

So yeah that will be fun.

After thinking on some things, I should make a wiki for this shit, www.origingalaxy.wikia.com or something, there's a lot of weird time shit that I'd really like to explain, but also I'd like to say some things about Galaxia and its society in general, its a big convoluted mess of machinations and schemes that only I am aware of so far, and I don't want to feed players a fucking glossary of this shit since most of it is redundant by the time they actually reach Galaxia, also the first time they reach it is in a very intense point in time and it will only soon after face its fate... the results of which can still be observed 400 years later in Intelligence.

There's a few inconsistencies to clear up, but I'm not going to say it because if you haven't played Intelligence or have but just didn't go to Galaxia and find the bodies, then I don't really want to say it here, it'd be hells of rude spoiler, if you read the paragraph above, then you can probably piece it together, the bodies in question have to be moved to where they are in 400 years from the perspective when they were made into unliving bodies.

I have allowed for this in what I have done that late in the game, so yeah I should be good. I'll probably have to make an active time event or something. (think FFIX plot shenanigans, they were actually called Active Time Events I'm pretty sure.)

Okay I got an awesome idea, I'll have to retcon some shit in Intelligence which quite frankly, was outdated anyway, since it mentions it was a Galaxion Wizard, but that brand doesn't exist. The only other grievances are things I've said on this blog or on forums, basically shit no one even remembers and that I wrote not realizing I would make 4 new Galaxions out of thin god damn air, plus some other unnamed douchebag.

As much as I say Terra isn't canon, considering no one played the god awful thing, it still has a Galaxion in it, that Galaxion just happens to be Asarath, who is stated to be otherwordly fairly late in the game, but hints are given all through, only when you see Blu for the first time are you told he is a Galaxion Vizier, so its all been accommodated for thus far, why ruin it? I could just say he traveled back in time and went to the Sunless Sector for some dumb reason, but that's retarded, and it feels cheap and also sort of ruins the awesome idea I had of how to move the bodies.

I've also apparently planned for him not being present when the players arrive, so yeah, again. Awesome.

His appearance changes a fair bit in Terra, which is set about 40 years after this game, here's both of his forms to compare.

Its the same guy, as you can see only his clothes and staff change drastically, and that could simply be him wanting to blend in with Terran Humans, he apparently got in the drivers seat of a whole fucking corporate company to do his masters dirty work so I guess it worked. The only inconsistency are his limbs (the purple hand with three digits instead of two) and I'm willing to dismiss this since back then I had no idea how i was going to portray Galaxions and honestly its easy to come up with an explanation for, he was gifted with the corruptive powers of Seradath, not to be confused with Seradath, the overlord of Heldath, they are different entities entirely. It just so happens I couldn't be assed naming the Overlord of Heldath Satanor or Lucifas or some dumb shit like that.

The fact that there's also a Gal'dath in that game who isn't a smug holier than thou tool can simply be explained as age and security have gotten to him, he was much more likeable in Terra, infact he is probably the only CHARACTER in Terra, since everyone else felt like an edgy rip off of something else, which is ironic considering Galdath himself is basically who is thought of as god by mortal men, even though Origin (referred to as Mr Universe in Intelligence) is the true puppetmaster pulling the strings, but obviously doesn't have time to insert himself where it isn't needed, since hes an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent universal guardian who is also the unseen alpha timeline, he doesn't have time to tell you that you're welcome for your dinner being on that plate you clearly bought from Kmart.

Though I state how much I disapprove of religion, its not religion itself, its the way a lot of people treat it, and abuse it.

Anyway, to explain how Asarath looks 40 years in the future, lets take a very simple approach.


He travels by ship to the Sunless Sector of the Origin Galaxy, and stumbles upon Terra, his race has been killed in a slaughterfest of which not many have seen, and he sortv of just wants to escape his Galaxion Life entirely, he looks at his robes, and is saddened by the events that transpired, so he goes to Planet Terra (which is similar to earth) and finds a a new set of threads, befitting of a dislodged vizier, he finds the Citadel of Atamos, and is impressed by the structures leviated in the sky, he is reminded of the Vizjerei High Council Citadel, but insists on keeping a good profile, thanks to his keen ability with technology that all Galaxions are birthed with, and his intellect and use of magic, he is quickly able to impress the inhabitants of Atamos, and he keeps on good grounds for many ages, which explains his happy outgoing persona when he is spoken to on the otherworld by Kyoshi, Nikki, Trixie and Valin.

20 years before the day Valin's life takes a turn for the insanely unlikely, and the events of Terra take place, he hears the voice of Seradath, and is eventually lured into the Great Northern Cave.

Wherein he finds the two Golden Statues, where Gal'dath and Seradath lie imprisoned from 8 Millennium past, a decision Yasondre wasn't too happy with since Gal'dath was a good friend of hers, but Gal'dath assured her it probably wasn't going to be permanent. Seradath convinces Asarath to tap his statue, Gal'dath abjures the everliving christ out of this idea, but Asarath doesn't listen, in a bout of quick thinking gal'dath said to release both of them, since they both have an equal amount of power, and therefore his surplus of power could be doubled.

Practically deranged at this point, Asarath agrees, and both are set free. Seradath praises the mortal, and orders him to seize control of "VENGEANCE" which was a tool Yasondre was using against over population and dangerous inventions by human hands, both on Terra and Earth.

Asarath then works on this exact goal, while Seradath remains reclusive and plots his vengeance, while Gal'dath searches for him.

In the 20 years he forms the Darkmatter Corporation, and turns Atamos into a corrupt mechanical labyrinth, during this time, at the 10 year mark, he kidnaps Watts, and facilitates his corruptive influence onto the halfling, and keeps him in an arcane prison until only 3 months later, where Asarath with his corporate workforce, capture Vengeance and put it into a sleep, Yasondre noticed this, but it was too late to act, and she cant just appear on the mortal plane with in a moments notice, also this was an inevitability of which Origin told her, she had been planning her own plot to stop Vengeance and Asarath, as well as the dark master guiding them.

In a matter unseen, but surgery is guessed, Watts is literally inserted into Vengeance's brain, and acts as the will, and Asarath's master control overrides Watt's ability to act all the while Watts' will overwrote Vengeance's unwilling desire to cooperate. The Sleep is turned off and at exactly the the beginning of Valin's game night, and Asarath's first goal is to annihilate the biggest oppositions to his company and Vengeance itself.

Immediately after it wakes, Asarath sends it towards Teratown, which isn't far away for a massive flying serpent, the game Valin is playing has only just been won, then the arena dimensional strata is blown to fucking voidward smithereens by a very powerful missile attack, Valin wakes up outside the VR Arena, along with Kyoshi, its later apparent that Raven and his team mate escape as well, they would have woken up on the other team entrance though.

Asarath then attempts to take out Spriteopia (a sky town, not the planet. Though Australis is visiting apparently along with all of the elemental sprites and Frelia.) but was stopped by two folks from Teratown, ironic. the pattern repeats itself on Nordia, Spooky Mountain, the Nosh Crater and in the face off at Panda Grasslands, the destroy Vengeance and release Watts. They are then sent to the otherworld, which is a post apocalyptic version of Terra, called "Earth", not to be mistaken with the Earth in Intelligence, which is in the Solar System we know, this Earth is a lot less similar to our earth in terrain, and is really just a past version of Terra wherein vengeance was never introduced as a safeguard. Which is where Asarath is still happy and outgoing, though rather lonely, seeing as all his Atamos friends were wiped out by a miscalculation with the "Hadron Collider" project and they were all sucked into a black hole. Being Galaxion explains why Asarath survived, since they have no requirement to eat, drink, breathe or sleep and they are very resilient to physical pain, due to their thick carapace and lack of a pain threshold in general. They do feel pain but not in the form we do, their brain tells them they are being damaged, but doesn't give them the nerve reaction that most biological organisms receive.

Its kind of odd to think about, but its not so far fetched, when a caught Galaxion is being tortured through Vivisection or some other means of study which involves pain for normal things, they'd be probably be standing their dead still, not really giving a shit, might even say something smart allec like. "It appears you have now made me bleed, god you are making such a mess can I just stab myself?"

They know when they are being interacted with, but their body is numb to its pain, they simply are advised by their brain.

Anyway, I think thats quote enough, i really went in dpeth with Terra's storyline, more so than i needed to too explain Asarath's deal and how he got his clothes and got the fucked up arms via corruption and all.

If you played Terra, you would have noticed that pre-awakening of the Demigods, he would have already had his staff and purple three digit hand.

Well he acquired that staff, which is very likely how Seradath found him in the first place, and I'd say touching it warped his visage, mind and body to an extent.

His power was already tremendous before leaving Galaxia, he was one of the most closely watched Viziers, and the High Council itself feared he would become a threat to the directorate, even with the rings. Thus he was sent along with the Directors on the Sovereign to keep him occupied and to make him feel wanted.

They didn't account for an Archbishop getting the best of both of them and annihilating the entire myriad, really, Asarath was the least of their worries, though ambitious he did like being recognized, and you cant be popular with no population.

Only the Flagship survived the Archbishops onslaught, which Asarath was boarded on.

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