Thursday, November 7, 2013


A Halloween party is something I've always wanted to be invited to but haven't because my name is Australia and Halloween ain't our thing, I guess we didn't have a whole lot of time to burn witches, basically as soon as we moved in we oppressed a majority which is now an obselete minority, hunted trees to the brink of extinction and fucked a lot of very handsome creatures who are still great at jumping.

I guess we could have made a celebration about vigilantes with the whole Ned Kelly thing but we were never that sentimental.

Halloween, or by it's true name 'The Wiccaning' is a celebration focused on being empathetic to all those poor women who got no Vitamin D but in exchange became powerful in the 'dark arts'. By dark arts people instantly associate black magic, corruption and darkness, but I think most of what the Wiccan did was fairly benign and like with the war on piracy America just decided to oppress them because they were different. Women being smart was highly difficult for men to take back in those days because like Republicans today they were mostly narcissistic pricks.

Also thanks America for destroying the future of magic as we know it, you dumb wads of shit.

Anyway, that's all water under the bridge now that the entire country is under the blackmail of the republic and Democracy as well as Tax Payers and Pensioners are dying in gutters. I know, it's tragic and I have several friends from the US who I feel sorry for.

Essentially the whole country is fucked, a superpower destroyed by its own greed and hubris, how ironic. Think you were hard done by in 9/11 and Connecticut? Just wait until the Repubes start taking away poor peoples rights and become an autocrat thanks to political blackmail.

Sometimes I look at things my country does wrong, and sigh a bit before realizing it doesn't matter anymore because America has already done or will do something dumber, outside of my few friends I'm actually sort of looking forward to the destruction of the United States, anyone I care about is smart enough to move to Canada and I'd be happy for those republicans to be by themselves on that landmass, however some scary thoughts come with this change.

First off, Republicans are fucking dangerous and I don't want those mentally unstable jackoffs near the worlds largest supply of nuclear warheads. Also they might be able to sustain themselves if they ignore the debts to other countries, which I hope they do because it's going to get them into trouble and these guys need to suffer.

However, innocent lives will be lost and anyone who supported the Republic now has blood on their hands. There's two ways I can see this going.

The sane Americans leave the US and it becomes a HUB for the Republic, which despite how bad that sounds, is favorable in comparison to option 2.

The other way this could go is civil war and one of the largest and most unbalanced in Human history. I'm not on top of much of the politics over there but I'm willing to assume the republic is a majority, the majority of America (at least 85%) is of christian faith, now it only takes 25% of that to be zealots who vote in republicans to prove the bible right by bringing about the apocalypse to already have a large war, and despite me coining it such it will be a war that's far from civil.

First, you have the scum of the earth who oppress rights and let money guide every action they make, and then you have the people left who are struggling to get by with outlandish taxes and the usual band of high ranking government officials breathing down their neck.

I'm not sure who owns the command of the Military over their but god I hope it isn't a republican, because that's china all over again, plus the packs of rampaging zealots, all of the smart people who remain will be eradicated, letting America live up to it's name.

Then what? Well the hope is that whether the bad coin of option one or 2 and the republic gets its way, they'll die out because they won't be able to pay back the international debts they owe and so either they'll continue paying and as we hope, will swiftly go bankrupt, or they'll oppose all their shareholders, this will bring an end to them even quicker, which is sort of what I want. If they turn their back on all the other countries they've been buying from they'll be cut from resources from all parts of the globe but also endanger any chances they have with future loaners, this might bring them a world war on their turf which against every other superpower and without smart people, they will lose. But no matter what happens America has no hope of repaying it's debt and the republicans are only furthering the destruction of the country for their monetary gain which ironically, they'll lose all of in the end, regardless.

However America has been a useful superpower and it scares me to think what the world might become if there's no goody two shoes to step in when aid is needed. However the republicans being in house won't help much with the superpower thing, Obama might have done a few silly things but god damn at least he cares. I mean why don't we elect George Bush again because wow that went so well last time. Don't even get me started on Ronald Regan or Nixon, both of which were Republicans.

Here's a video on the subject matter which is brilliant in satire and is the reason I'm posting this.

So yeah there's that. I'll be talking about snobby people later and make some flawed arguments about why Calamari rings are something we should be grateful for.

(I wrote this back before shit got sorted out with the Republicans so for now... the worry is over.)

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