Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open worlds, gotta love em.

It may or may not be obvious if you have played my games, but to the keen eye and knowingly my own, quite a good few of the maps on earth are well seamed, in that if they were merged together they could well be a big, open world and all that is left to do is fill the gaps, in these gaps you can put all sorts of treasures, traps and puzzles. With the addition of Tenterfield, Banalbo, Casino, Lismore, and the journeys from one to another and all other towns, the east coast of australia is becoming rather large in my game, obviously not to scale, it's grown a massive amount since the original merging, that resulted in this.

That is in short, what the east coast used to look like, and you can clearly disinguish the certain areas, the filled in areas are the Western Brisbane Extension and the huge forest below. And a small extra chunk of water and pacific highway in the bottom right, this map has no lismore, casino, banalbo, or Tenterfield, and was unbeleivably innacurate, so I added those cities as well as ballina on the south end of the pacific highway, I know it will still be far from accurate, but it is a lot more representive of the general area of where I've been in my 23 years.

So yeah, lots of progress beside this, the promised content to be added before beating the game is done, with the exception of sidequests and extra waypoints, now I'm working on the open world and indeed, outer space! I've made the the main city of spriteopia as far as the planet goes, I'll be making the Darkvoid (Home of the Dark Sprites) when I get done with the open world map.

Then comes Galaxion, which will require parralax mapping, hooray.

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