Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm back! Also thoughts on v1.1

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me well knows that I was moving back to my hometown, been here roughly 4 days and have internet, the house is awesome. Huge backyard for my dog and Im all settled in.

With a general lack of any innernetz I decided to get some dev done. and started working my ass off. most of it went on a pet project though, ugh.

Anywho, I think I might leave a few big features like sidequests and special waypoints to another update.

Fear not though, Outerspace is still coming, and its under construction. The Solar Systems and all that are setup, all that remains are the planets themselves. I have done a considerable portion of Spriteopia as well. Even done a decent portion of the Dark Void... the habitat for evil Dark Faeries.

A lot of items have been made, you no longer wear head and chest armor. All accessories now. Each with its unique icon for a good layer of polish, there are 35 different acessories.

I've also made new items, permanent stat boosting ones like Wizard Cake, Uranium Apple, etc.

I should go to bed before I collapse, have a good night.

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