Thursday, October 27, 2011

Working on Menagerie full time.

Working on Menagerie full time, now. I'll resume working on Intelligence once two perimeters are complete, the first being that Menagerie 0.1 Demo release is out, the second being that I get some proper feedback about Intelligence Patch 1.1

I have got some, but it is not quite enough. I also promised myself I would get a demo out of Menagerie once Intelligence 1.1 was done.

There are some major changes in Menagerie that make it easily distinguishable from Intelligence, the first is a caste of humanoid characters, instead of 3 fluffy animals and a skeleton. The second one, and one of the bigger changes, is the crafting system.

The Crafting system has made sure I have loads of items, over 200 infact, not including weapons and armor.

There are infact 32 weapons this time around, eight for each character, the accessories are only 26, but all I basically did was remove the pointless single resistance and immunity versus critical trinkets.

The Crafting system goes pretty deep, there are many materials, some only accessable at higher levels, certain places, or at night/day.

In order:
Tree leaves, vines, flowers and Lumber
Cooking Ingredients
Blood and Mana
Creature Trophies

There's 8 of each of those, so theres a lot of materials.

The First third of the game will be progressive crafting, up until you make The Zephyr, a powerful spacecraft assembled from 8 pieces, building a lot of those peices will require you to get Uranium, Plutonium, Blue Sun Metal and several other rare ingredients.

Everything you can make will require you to have its recipe, found throughout the world, and sold by Spooky on occasion, though he usually sells the ship part recipes. You can craft an item anytime you are in control of the characters by pressing the menu key [ESC usually] and selecting the Craft Option.

Each Recipe is also an item, so a lot of the 200 items are to do with crafting.

Recently, I started redoing the introduction, which was unbeleivably lacking... not anymore. It also gave me a chance to gie the characters longer Introductions so we know a bit more about them, and in the process, learn about Tac too.

The Menagerie's homeworld now has a name too, Nadine.

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