Monday, October 10, 2011

Time for some 1.1 madness! Because it's here.

I expected people to swarm to 1.1 like locusts to a cherry bush, but I guess its clear to start work on another idea, thankfully, I already have one which I have discussed rather sparingly, the next game in progress some of you may know of, it's called Menagerie. It's a game with a story similar only to nothing, and Characters that fly in the face of Stereotypes. Not all the characters are completely flipping off stereotypes, the best example of a character that wouldn't be a complete 'fuck you' to stereotypes is Spooky, a friendly alien wayward from his Universal Conquest craving kin, along with Tac, his Biological mother.

The stereotypes for aliens are not really there, there have been movies about aliens who as a whole, desire mortal conquest, some who just want to make friends in the universe, and a solitary or small group of aliens who are wayward of the two examples thereof.

In brief, it's hard to make an unusual alien, because stereotypes don't exist for them as no man has ever found a bustling alien civilisation, and stereotypes can't be given for something that hasn't been discovered and rather only speculated.

Ofcourse, I would love to think their are many more lively planets beyond our own, heck, I'd like to think there's a culture more technologically advanced than our own, but the answer to those questions lie far beyond our reach, in a universe of such immense and vast size, the universe we know so little about. It is possible there are other lively planets, and I hope that one day, even though we are living on the crap sandwich we created and call home, some band of aliens will come slap our shit, tell us how to buld shit cleanly, give us some supplies, and be off, and come check on us every year or so, if they did such a thing, it would definitely make the world a much better place, but this is not the topic I came here to have descend down into your eye sockets and into your rather small thinkpan.

The other characters, who the alien helps are a Dwarven Druid, Elven (or something other?) Technician and probably the nail in the coffin for stereotypes, a Goblin paladin. Granted, these three adventurers are the only ones of their respective race that are oddball, Giddy Goodwink, the previously mentioned nail in the massive coffin of stereotypes, is the only of his kin to become a Paladin, the Dwarven Druid, something you'll never see in any Tolkien, Warcraft or other medieval fantasy series ever, is also an exception to the rest of his stereotypical race, the Elf who uses guns (I shit you not) and has a fondness for engineering and science, may not even be elven at all. It was originally my plan to have the Elf in the game, be a tomboy brawler who punched the crap out of anything that made her upset, but I thought, this is already a stereotype. Actually, Tristy (the Kangaroo from my first game of any considerable worth) had a rather Tomboyish streak at times, though hers was more in the Australian way, where a woman can say "You're going to love my dog" when looking at a cat that lives next door and have it not seem false. The Tomboy stereotype is also a terrible thing to try to write when you dont know any tomboys in your life (mothers and sisters don't count), I have however, known a good few soft spoken well mannered "in the clouds with faeries" girls, and I generally just tend to think of what they would say in the situation the elf (or not?) would be presented with.

Okay, you know what, here's what the elf really is, she's a fairy. No, wait, shes actually a sprite, a tall and slim version of those fat short faeries you generally see on christmas and birthday cards.

This was hardly a point of suspense and I apologize if I conveyed it as such, I've used the previously mentioned sprite in any game I've ever made,(The Neopets fangame I haven't released doesn't count, because it clearly uses faeries.) not to mention its revealed in the first few fucking minutes of the game anyway, and is highly speculated before hand. As soon as you are introduced to the character, you will be hinted that she is not an elf, so yeah. I don't know why I thought keeping that under wraps was an idea worthy of any measure of consideration.

Now, if you've played v1.1 and some how gotten up to outer space, and have checked out Galaxia, which is basically a planet turned to stone by a stupid wizard. You will have already found out that this is a game about 'fighting the aliens', and the grim conclusion afterwards. Which is Basically an idiotic wizard turning the planet to stone to try to stop Archbishop Noir, not to be confused with Jack Noir, who is a thousand times more bad-ass and is my whole inspiration for the Arshbishop in the first place. So, to wrap up a small blurb for the story, the 4 oddball protagonists are either exiled from or leave their kin. The biological mother of Spooky; Tac(not to be confused with Tak, whose only similarity with the character is the gender and eerily similar names), is responsible for these events, and very shortly into the game she reveals herself and her plans for the adventurers, which consists of crafting a spacecraft, going to a massive dupilcation facility, to make a few more, and then take the fight to the Galaxion Exodus, who are coming to their planet to slaughter the inhabitants, collect it's valuable resources, and convert it into something they would convey as useful. The two leaders (or Directors, not to be confused with Tallest) behind this attack are the specific targets. Tac explains that if they are destroyed, the Exodus will crumble without their 'direction'. During the assault, the Archbishop Noir, paperwork mule for the idiots he has to call Directors, gets sick of their horseshit and when they are distracted by the fireworks display caused by the four heroes, he literally stabs Director Vind in the back, and takes his Ring of Heirachy. When he equips it, even though Slik tries to put him in his place, the wayward Archbishop easily offs him, in the same way he did Vind, which is the same way they earned director status, satisfied with the irony behind their deaths at his hand, he decided to further Tac's plans, with both rings equipped, now brimming with power, he uses the same sword he stabbed the directors with to cut the Imperial -flagship of the exodus- in two, and flies around giving the rest of the ships in the Exodus the backstabbing treatment, he then, pleased by the four adventurers inadvertent help, lets them off with a simple; "do not return, your mission is completed, I will deal with the rest of these idiots myself!". Instead of obey his instructions, they decide to follow him. He flies back to Galaxia, and takes to the Director's Palace, and slashes every flag in his fuming rage. Afterwards, he takes to the streets, and indiscriminately murders Galaxions left and right, usually swinging the same sword he used on the directors in a full circle, leaving Galaxions all around short of half a carapace, with rings twofold, he literally slaughters every single civilian, soldier and Galaxion alive. In the end, even Tac and Spooky are impaled, though he seemed rather displeased of their mortality, them being the two mainly responsible for his planned uprising becoming a reality. In a rather uncharacteristic apology, he ressurects Spooky with the power of both rings, and Tac shortly after, after an epic battle with the four heroes, he admits defeat, and tells them to leave immediately, for their own good. The adventurers, knowing now to obey the command, leave without a question, though Tac and Spooky decide to stay at home, even if it meant the death of them. The Archbishop says he may as well not even have resurrected them, but assures them he feels better knowing their final deaths won't be at his hand. He absconds the hell out of there as well, to go wreck more planets shit up, and to escape the last living Galaxions stupidity.

It is at this point that Tac, Spooky, and all of Galaxia is turned to stone.

The Heroes return to their home planet, having a celebration that lasts many days, but wonder if it was a good idea to let the Rage fueled, wayward Archbishop, responsible for the destruction of an entire nation, go free.

I think I basically gave you the whole plot, but oh well. No one reads this fucking blog anyway.

While I have the plot layed out, I have been slow working on Menagerie because the crafting system, -the system you'll likely be using for the first third of the game-, is not working as I would like it to, I'm using Yanfly's Synthesize system, so I can have scrolls teach recipes, but I can't figure out how to configure the fucking thing. I want it to show only the recipes you have in your inventory, but it will either show everything or nothing.

I'm going to look at this issue, but since I just finished v1.1, I want to have a bit of rest and some time to chill with my pals and bros.

Also, where's my feedback on 1.1? Surely theres something you guys want to complain about or tell me. Maybe you found a bug, please submit anything about the game at the thread on any respectable website, see or

I also said I would probably have to use Parallax Mapping for Galaxia, well I decided to scrap that idea because I was running out of time, it isn't even prominently featured in this patch and most important of all, I don't fucking want to.

Right now it looks like a Brown shooter without the shooting, though the oddworld music going in the background should give it a feel thats not so fucking depressing.

Next Patch; (if I get around to it.) I will probably introduce Byteopia and Oddworld as the levelling places to get to level 40, and eventually fight Jolt, but I am not going to even bother with that while I have Menagerie to do and while my thread is still empty post 1.1

Once 1.2 is done, I don't know where the next places will be, there are plenty of other universes I have created from my Bizarre Mind Disc, most done in Tabletop games that were never finished and I never planned to release anyway.

One of those examples, Byteopia, is already in there, barely though. You can see Poolington, the world map, and thats about it. It also features the Oddworld music, because I figure it went well with the "Not Until 1.2" much like that section in the Abe's Oddysee demo where you go the right of the lift on the bottom floor.

As for Galaxia, I thought the oddworld music just fit with the brown desolation, of a planet destroyed by idiocy. It might fit well with our planet in the distant future, which is likely the most depressing thing I've ever said.

There are actually a few tracks in my game now from the oddworld's first game, and still likely my favourite to date. The one used for Galaxia and Byteopia is Stockyards/Main Menu, the other tracks used are Slog Tension and Slog Chase, the Tension one is in the ME folder, so I can Play ME: Slog Tension, and then Play BGM: Slog Chase after it for great effect. As soon as Tension stops playing, chase plays and it gives a very oddworld vibe, one I encourage because the vibes from that game are simply the best vibes there are.

As for who made the Oddworld Soundtrack, Ellen Meijers is the mastermind behind all the oddworld Music and sound effects, the "Train" ME I have in my game is pulled from Exoddus.

Ellen Meijers is in the credits like all of the other artists whose music is used, they deserve an honorable mention for such musical masterpieces, Ellen deserves an especially Honorable mention though, and if I ever had enough money to hire a proffesional composer, Ellen Meijers would be my number one choice.

Oh god, look at this wall o' text, this is what happens when I don't post in a few months, my feelings and opinions want to be let out and just weave themselves onto the paper, or digital canvas.

- Bizarre Monkey out.

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