Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/21/12 - Build 3

Deployed a relatively large bugfix patch for Intelligence 1.1.9.

Patch 1.1.9 (Build 3)
- All JPEG artefacts are now PNG, with the exception of all but one battle background.
- Brisbane got a new battleback, credit to Ronove.
- Introduction and Departure from Earth changed slightly.
- End of Act Bosses now have smaller battlers.
- The Game Launch Icon has changed to something more Iconic.
- Title Screens were modified to contrast less colorwise.
- The ship interface for "Old Ones" in the Introduction has changed colour to make it less seemingly identical to Galaxion console.
- Gameover Inducing buttons removed.
- Gameover PSYCHE removed. Have plans to add it in somewhere later.
- BlueSky changed to VX Ace instead of incompetently put together homestuck cloudscreen.
- A few graphics have changed due to my inability to back shit up.
- Pep's Happy mood face has been changed to something less creepy and irrefusably more charming.
- The Angry and Sad Emotion of the Rolly faceset have been changed to give more charm.
- The Wink, Unamused, Angry and Sad Emotions of Tristy's Facesets have been changed in favour of more charm.
- Changed the faces of most of the Ancient Ones.
- A few bits of flavour text have been changed.
- Heelfoxes in brisbane reduced from 4 to 2.
- Shadow Pixies in Spriteopia down from 8 to 4, the mimics are no longer there and instead simply give one item each.
- Fixed an issue with Pep's Elemental Fury ability which would on occasion cause Pep to turn invisible instead of growing, now he has an animation play that maybe slightly familiar.
- Fixed a bug that could be gamebreaking which involved entering gaseous when you werent meant to.
- Fixed a gamebreaking issue with Pyro caused by a missing Tankentai sequence he invoked near the end of battle.
- Fixed the passability of some recently modified events.
- Fixed a bug which may have been causing Galaxia to be un-enterable.
- Fixed a few typos and mistakings, such as Trixie which should be Tristy.
- Safiercat's name should now be fully redacted. Safael should have replaced every form of Safiercat.
- Fixed a bug with Old Mac's Munchies that when exited would drop you out the exit of Kirsill's Kiosk.
- Fixed a Gamebreaking Bug that occured when leaving the training halls in the Necropolis prematurely.
- Probably heaps more I forgot about.

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