Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loads of stuff to talk about.

My last entry got deleted by my own stupidity, but I wont bother repeating it, its was a lot of work to type up and half of the things I stated were wrong, but whatever.

My lack of development until recently is due to Diablo III, and its suprisingly real FUN ATTRIBUTE, anyone who tells you they dont get satisfaction out of leaping near a bunch of enemies, setting of an enviromental trap, and watching the nemies take the brunt of it is either a moron, liar or elitist.

Speaking of Elitists, I've become aquainted with a group of them quite recently, apparently there are actually groups of Elitists for RPG maker, who'd have thought, certainly not me or my bro.

These are the kind of elitists who wont play a game if its colours arent pleasing to the eyes or the games thread doesnt meet their satisfaction, but whatever, I don't think an Elitist playing Intelligence would really be a thing I'd want, I mean dont get me wrong, Intelligence is a great fun game with oddball fun characters and awesome cutscenes, but I'm sure that view isn't the same with everybody.

I've shared this game with five sites in total now, sadly the amount of feedback I have come to expect has been far less this patch, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the iEntry revolt is probably the main cause for this, and I've already stated why and my feelings on the matter.

I suppose I could put it on HBgames, its the last BIG rpg maker site that remains, and it may be smaller now.

#RRR isnt a big site nor is it worth posting my game on, besides which I got myself purposefully banned because seriously, fuck those powertripping retards.

Anyone who feels like trying to defend #RRR can do so in the comments section of this post, but I may be inclined by natural instinct to not give a shit.

Moving on, I've been thinking a fair bit lately, about the direction I am gonna go with Intelligence, the art style is okay, albeit a bit fluorescent, but thats nothing I can't fix really easily. my main concern now is with the music and the clouds.

Yes, the sky is getting too me, originally I used Homestucks clouds simply because RPG maker VX only had one clear sky parallax and it looked like a wallpaper for windows 95.

Now that Ace is here, I'll probably use its one, since it is actually different and pretty good.

I think the next thing I need to do is think about removing Homestuck Music from the game entirely, at first I thought it was okay and yeah, sounded awesome, but it still irritates me somehow, maybe because it shows I have a lack of good taste, if so thats a large fucking 'maybe', but I think its just that I prefer how this game used to sound, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one, two friends have commented that they prefered the old track for this or that, and I must say I agree. The battle with Maw used to sound like an actual boss battle, and Nesmose used to sound good, and still does, but in a completely different way.

Nostalgia for a game that is only just over a year old is quite astonishing, and I think I've let homestuck influence my decisions far too much.

Even after removing almost all of the jokes, found a few when my friend was playing, its not enough, but fear not, if your save is up to battling Pyro or just before it, it'll be compatible, since all those areas ulitilze Ratchet and Clank Music, which isnt going anywhere.

I made the 1.1.9 trailer after it came out, instead of before. Its practically a repaint of 1.1's because essentially, thats still the major content patch we are settled on, anyway here it is.
I'll make a point here to inform you all that the game is getting fairly big now, and compression is becoming more required than I'd usually expect, the two maps that seem to zoom out or inn on that a pictures which are 6400x4800 pixels large, so I needed to compress them a lot, as jpegs, so thats what is at fault for their low resolution, there you go.

1.2 is not coming anytime soon, but I can go out on a whim and tell you some of the features.

You'll get to go to Byteopia and explore it in full (atlast) and possibly Galaxia, due to time travel shenanigans.

This is not because I want Homestuck in my game, this is because I'd like people to see Galaxia pre-stoneform.

And since its been centuries since that Planet has had living Galaxions on its surface, this is the only viable method.

This way you dont have to wait for Menagerie to see Galaxia in its prime, since I have no idea on when Menagerie will be released asides from no time soon.

I'm also heavily considering reverting Maw back to his original form, although differently.
Something like this.
And I may as well do Jolt and Pyro while I'm at it. Though Hydro, Blanc and Noir are nothing I need to worry about just yet.

Also on the list of things in Act 3, a decade has passed and Brisbane looks like that bustling city in the trailer. The one with hover cars and shit flying around.

An explanation for how Tristy keeps getting all this costly loot outside her price range.

Three action packed minigames, one after the other, first an attack from Jolt on the skybridge, with cars to dodge, lightning bolts to evade, and opponents to knock off (like the ones in Battle on the Bridge before entering Skykari)

Then you are faced with a grind on the train tracks 5000ft above the air, with falling rail segments, ends of the track which fall off and ofcourse, incoming trains.

Then, a 5000ft skydive back to earth, with missiles locked onto you and happy to obliterate your shit, theres also toast which serves as health pick ups since missiles dont kill you in one hit.

For an explanation on why falling off train tracks 5000ft will end in gameover, but falling down 5000ft off a platform wont is best left to Rolly to explain.
"Well, its quite simple, when I fall off traintracks against my will I dont have time to make my body a sugar glider"
"When I have time to jump by myself though, I can do this, which not only lets me land on my belly, but slows the speed of my fall a little too."
Explanation: He's fat and slow.

Been working on a new style, outlineless this time.
"Do you like red I like red who doesn't like red?"
This is probably, one of the best pictures I've ever drawn in MSpaint in my opinion. No outlines, not such a bad fluro red, and his expression is fucking priceless.

Like he has just arrived in a place where the rivers are Red Cordial, the Grass is candy corn, the trees are chocolate, the rainbows are taffy, the clouds are cotton candy, and his appetite is god damn infinite.

Watched 'Bruce Almighty' recently, Morgan Freeman does a good job of playing the part of God, Though I'm sure plenty of stupid christians will disagree with me because Morgan Freeman is black and they're all racist.

Oh, this brings me to another topic, Vocal Minorities, just about every group or order has one or two of these retarded things, so heres the rundown.

In just about every social structure there will be a vocal minority which are often stunningly retarded, belligerent and sometimes revolting.

Most of the christians I know are very nice people, who have no desire to convert me from the 'dark side' because they figure if god is the being of power people tend to make out, then he is in charge of that decision, he doesnt need mortals going around doing his shit.

This is a perfectly respectable viewpoint, and its what the majority of christians have.

Sadly, the vocal minority are unspeakably good at making their entire social order look like belligerent, detestable unimaginable fuckwits who think their opinion is the only one.

The same can be said for most social structures, there's a vocal minority that ruins everything, and then there's the majority who are normal.

This example can be applied to the My Little Pony fanbase as well, a bunch of people started watching it from influence by some who were watching it for facetious purposes, but somehow they got a whole menagerie of people hooked, and those hooked more people, and I was brought in somewhere along the way.

Of the MLP fanbase, only a very small sect are socially retarded, mentally-handicapped, and down right revolting, its the vocal minority rule.

Now people think of these unstable fucks whenever the word brony is used, this is not the case, only a small minority are retarded beyond unspeakable reason. A good part of this minority comes from 4chan, but it isnt just there.

The WoW playerbase is also a good example of the vocal minority rule, those who are happy with the game and arent impossibly stupid --the majority-- dont often find reason to complain, the vocal minority is again, the ones bitching Blizzard wont give them what they want, even though they apparently have.

I'm not sure what irritates me more, the fact Blizzard thinks listening to these clinically retarded basement dwellers is actually an idea of any consideration... or the sheer audacity of these retarded twats.

To emphasize, I stopped playing WoW seriously two years ago, I don't plan on buying MOP, but I dont go advertise why and make a big bitch thread about it, infact, this is the first time I have publicly mentioned I wont be purchasing MOP or that I stopped playing WoW Seriously two years ago.

I am actually in the MOP beta, but its pretty boring currently, but its not my job to tell Blizzard how to fix that, leave that to their retarded minority.

I think this post will have to end here, its getting pretty long.

I'll talk more about Diablo III later.

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