Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here comes another one.

Yes, another wall of text you might end up feeling ill about yourself after reading, rest assured if you do feel ill with yourself after reading this one it means your a sane and rational being, it means your own flaws digust you, you're fucking welcome for that by the way.

So I've come to drop some mad wisdom on all of you ungrateful tits and open up a can of wicked knowledge based on opinions and kick the wicked shit out of this marty mcfly, yo.

The first thing you might notice, or did previously is that I am now fully encompassing my Australian Heritage and have stopped stereotyping britain because lets face it, being rich, wearing dapper suits and being classy upright gentlemen is probably the best stereotype ever, and its too good for me.

First Subject: Ace gets decent scripting support.

I mean, really god damn decent, out right uncanny really. My only disdain is that some of these hella-rad systems arent on VX as well, Victor Sant has blown my mind with his Platforming scripts, FREE JUMP and MOVING PLATFORMS basically eliminate any need for contempt that not a decent platforming script exists for VX.

Because now I can simply make Platforming games in Ace instead, I've been switching back and forth between VX and VX Ace for sometime wth Menagerie, but Mr Bubble's TACTICS OGRE PSP CRAFTING SYSTEM, has answered the call for a simple crafting system that doesnt have stupid mandatory addtional bullshit like GOGO TOTORI'S FORGING FUCKWADDERY, sure I can see that being great in the right hands, but it aint for me, so to show I have actually been making some progress, heres some RECIPE BOOKS FOR THE MENTALLY VOID.
Icons are placeholders now, maybe.

Thankfully this frees up my item list a fair bit, 10 codexes for a bunch of alchemy recipes rather than 98 of the fucking things, will drop my item list to a much more managable scale.

By my request and his mad respect the coder is going to have an optional picture be ably to be displayed in the currently void right panel. I have already started work on making covers for these CODEXES OF INGLORIOUS WISDOM.

I put VX Ace away for a while while I worked on recently released games such as Hellcat and Intelligence Patch 1.1.9 and the unreleased a while to come MCP for Intelligence, 1.2

So I just casually decided to have a look around the scripts board on and wow holy shit.

Last time I looked there were 9 pages of scripts, its now extended to be double that.

Now for something completely different.

ACTA is dead for good, good work everyone.

Oh yeah, some teenager whos younger than I am found a cure for cancer back in December, though I only heard about it recently.

So yeah, thats pretty cool. Even if it took us 28 years.

The future is coming my fareweather friends.

Though I dont think we could truly call it the future until we have reached a few large milestones, flying cars and easy transport, perhaps teleportation.

And Virtual Reality Games, yeah that'd be pretty cool.

But thats just novelties at this point, really.

What would categorize the 'future' would be cleaner eco-friendly transport, (hybrid cars help this, but they are still more expensive than gassy pieces of shit most people use.) easy stressless cures for pretty bad diseases, cancer is nearing this, and once you have that big bug squashed, the others become more understandable, their complex stonewalls broken down by the study of and eventual flunking of the stonewalled prison that surrounded the cure to cancer.

Gradually we will have enough knowledge to painlessly treat Lukemia, Aids, HIV, Hepititous C and perhaps even mental illnesses, like insanity, severe depression and... hey lets be optimistic here, human stupidity. But actually I'd rather that wasn't curable by a simple injection or pill, i'd rather you cure that through experience and learning how to not be a divine retard.

I'd also probably consider the future 'so modernne' if we could relinquish our retarded penchant for religion. Like, yeah, we still totally beleive the earth is square or flat, come ON people, you cant dismiss somethings in the bible and not others, if you looked into it god is complete dick, "so delectably evil" as Stewy from Family Guy puts it. And he's right, God is mean douche, only about 25 pages in its revealed that hes killed thousands of people, and if he is responsible for eveything that exists, then why doesnt he do us a fucking solid and stop entering his fingers where they arent needed.

You could say i see a lot of christian practises blessedly retarded, such as praying, I think Bruce Almighty best illustrates this as a pointless practise, here, i'll quote it.

Bruce: There were so many, I just game 'em what they wanted.
God: Yeah... but since when have people had a clue what they actually want.
Bruce: So what do I do?
God: Parting a Soup isn't a miracle Bruce, its a magic trick. A single Mom, who works two jobs and still finds the time to take her son to soccer practise-- thats a miracle. A teenager who says no to drugs and yes to an education-- Thats a Miracle. People want me to do everything for them... but what they dont realise is, is they have the power.
God: Don't make Miracles, son. Be the miracle.
Bruce: Wait, are you leaving?
God: yeah, I think you can manage from here.
Bruce: But what if I need you, what if i have questions?
God: Ah haha, thats your problem, Bruce. Thats everybody's problem, you keep looking up.

This is perfectly logical, God's all busy making more planets and stuff, he cant afford these intrusions, and if given no other option, you'll do it yourself anyway, because you, I-- nay, everyone, has the power.

If there is some benevolent force out there, a puppetmaster of impeccable and unfathomable pulchritude, intelligence and vim, he's not going to give a satanic shit what we think or what we do, honestly, you people think the creator of galaxies millionfold has time to give each some attention? That would be a proposterous waste of time he/they/it/she/whom could be better using on galactic birthing.

While I am certainly not religious, I'm far from ingnostic. I have witnessed miracles happen, and I beleive magic is real, and if me beleiving hard enough makes it slighty less fake, then i will beleive as hard as I can, I have witnessed circumstancial oddities that could not be accredited to mere coincidence alone, I have seen the smug cowl Gal'vana shows, the bitter face Heldath shows, the neutral complacence the Necropolis shows, all have been foils for my curiosity, and all have assured me that no matter how much people disbeleive, there is always magic in the world, no matter how primitive the life forms, or how stone set their ideals of science.

But yeah, beleive what you want if you so badly need a godly father figure to look up to. Thats basically what religion comes down to, if your religious, chances are you suffer from insecurity issues, and beleive you arent whole. Not everyone gets to feel 100% happy with their existence like I do I guess.

I think thats it for now. I dont feel the need to break my old record yet.

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