Friday, September 28, 2012

The dying freedom and privacy of the Internet

I decided to make a post to discuss this, because I'm all for hopeless causes. The Internet has become much less of a private place, I want to use my Bizarre Monkey alias for good reason, but every single cretin has crawled out of the woodworks since CISPA came around, I'm not saying privacy was bad before this act was passed, but I still remain angry that it did at all, even with and other freedom-fighting sites this one got by.

Granted, its not nearly as bad as SOPA or PIPA or ACTA, which were all shut the fuck down, but its still disconcerting.

Facebook always asked for a real name, I just use my Pep Cookiedoe proxy alias because i never go to facebook to talk to people legit serious, because that would warrant me actually using facebook, which is something I refuse to do. Its awful.

But now, Google+ and everything google has its fucking claws in (this includes Youtube) is now asking me for a real name. Ofcourse, I dont tell just anybody my real name, that's dumb. A fool move on the internet.

So yeah, at least youtube makes it optional, but this is still getting to me, if I want to make a Google+ Account to explain that this is my dev page and infact NOT the Pep Cookiedoe who trolled all your media asses, then yeah, it gets difficult, it wouldn't even allow Biz Monkee, I mean... fuck. What is your name in real life was Rolly Paulie, would it even allow you to use your birth name? That sucks.

I think this infectious real name crap needs to stop, let people use the name they want to.

Well, that's all there really is to say on the matter. This must have been my shortest rant ever!

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