Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Progress update, on two games.

I went back to working on Intel for a while, now I have something to show for progress.
Watermarked to proof my ass from plagiarists.
And now, this is probably my favorite.
Pose heavy!
And before long, I made Tristy's facesheet as well.
Her arms are tricky! :o
You might notice none of these have an outline, well you'd be right, an outline stifles creativity.

Yes I do have a deviantart account, no it isn't Bizarremonkey, I forgot the password for that one, also its using a now erased email address for it so its BizarreSheep. (Which is a sort of in-joke between Scinaya, LordBagardo and myself.

So if it was news, I was banned from for publicly admitting theft of overpriced resources, I was given the same treatment on despite not having gone there in a year.

Now you'll have to go elsewhere for when I release Menagerie, don't worry I will provide links when the day comes. As well as a trailer maybe. :o

As for the faces above, they may be utilized in Patch 1.2 of Intelligence, not sure.Not that it matters until next year anyway.

I have done some Menagerie work, waiting for a code monkey to make a small upgrade to the item scene script, once that's done I will write all of them out, and then its just storyline additions and scenes from there on, the occasional art asset I'll have to make, but I've prepared for this game pretty well, most of the art assets were done half a year ago, I have been retouching some things, a big one is this.
Fyori is classier then ever.
That is Fyori ladies and gentlemen, she like all of the Menagerie, has 8 faces, I can always addon on more later.
So in-case it was obvious, shes a younger version o---*spoilers*
But considering her old image, its pretty obvious who she really is, but I'll leave that to you to imagine until the truth is revealed.

Well that should be enough content to stop you from spamming me with fanmail for a while, not that I mind, its flattering really, it would be to get any fanmail, because despite what I just said, I don't get any. :o

Well, in a sense I do, I have had a few comments over the span of this blog, mostly related to my "rpg maker VX ace... its the shit" post, but I've had another recently on "Menagerie Progress" which really lit up my day.

Fan Mail has become a term that could apply to just about any feedback I've gotten, so yeah. :o

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