Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tilesets, Im up to my good gestalts in this crappy pixart, yo.

Eccentrically stupid title aside, chances are you only payed heed to the first part.

Good because thats progress, all too often im told that either my graphics don't fit in with the RTP tilesets, or that they just suck period.

Well for the latter, I don't really care.

For the former, here is some custom tileset-age of which your opinion can be concerned, I agree, the RTP tilesets clash terribly with my style.
This is new progressive content, incase you actually give a shit, its the great bridge to the Dwarven kingdoms.
To be Noted, only some of these tiles are mine, this is sort of a WIP deal.

You should be able to tell from the dip in quality.
Despite the odd time I took this capture, it is not a reference to the movie 23 or this games official release date. Because its obviously 12/12/12.

This is a subtle jab at the JRPG trope of regular towns people telling you what to do, so he's like all making excuses because you've been a babby long enough.
My pathways bring all the pills to the mill.
Modernne Arabian Nights
So yeah, Sorry I couldn't talk more on this, but I'm a little tired and don't feel like writing up a wall.

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