Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Dick Smith, you're the one, who makes shopping, loads of fun!

I decided it was time to get some speakers that aren't terrible, so I went down to dick smith and oh man.

Logitech $50 Speakers reduced to $35, man, these things are awesome. I'll never use my monitor speakers again so long as I live.

The Audio quality is so good, so good its delicious.

Anyway, since my talking about Ace seems to be the attention grabber on this blog for some reason, lets do the sane thing and not talk about Ace.

Instead I'm just going to show you a trailer for Intelligence 1.1 I made ages ago.
And let you know Menagerie is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace, because I have it now, and have you guys to thank.

Google's a useless piece of shit.

Also, Gonna let you all know, Saints Row 3 is amazing, and I highly recommend it. I was voice 3 (sounds like a british sergeant) and in a dog suit. So I was playing a foul mouthed dog who used guns and shit.

Grand Theft Auto ain't got shit on this.

Oh yeah, I made some sweet new art for Safiercat(from intelligence), or as he will soon be called, Safael.

This one turned out to be the favourite, to be honest I'm not surprised, they're very nice wings.


  1. I like most the third ones ;)

    I found some template for RMVXA, which is translated into eng - there´s translated database and "Vocab" in the scripts, I post it here, if ya don´t mind :)

    I watched some trailers for SR3 and it looked both awesome and crazy :D
    I´ll wait for GTA V

  2. Thats mighty good of you, I already found a translated database thingy and I did the vocab myself, but anyone else who wished for such things I'm sure will be happy!

    I didn't know a fifth Grand Theft Auto was even a thing.

    You cannot hope to beat Saints Row 3 in a sandbox-off, it is simply the best there is.

    I've never condoned piracy here, and to that end, I won't condone translation patches either, especially in good will, if not for my adherents, I still probably wouldn't have VX Ace.

  3. I mean fourth one (picture) :D
    Ok, ok, this will never happen´ again (if I got it right)

  4. Dude, piracy is fine, its a little blog barely anyone reads, and the fourth is my favourite too, theres so many votes for that one, and it stays true to the characters original artwork, so yeah, #4 it is.