Monday, January 30, 2012

A new Sister site opens. A deadline, forgotten.

I have decided to put Menagerie on hold because talking about what I could do in Intelligence 1.2 has made me think of what could be, and I've decided to start on that, especially since I'm at a roadblock with Menagerie progress now.

So this probably means 3/14/2012 for a release date won't be a thing, deadlines are just a reason to make one nervous, and I have no obligation to such a deadline to no one but myself.

I think Intelligence is still quite a big shot anyway, working on two games at once is a migraine.

So without further adue, the Intelligence patch 1.2 Sister site is open and I have already made a pretty user bar below the link to the games thread, have fun fellas!

Also, just thought I'd let ya'll know its my 24th birthday tomorrow.

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