Monday, February 27, 2012

RPG maker VX Ace, it be mine soon.

So this may come as a startling revelation to all of you, but I'm actually going to buy RPG Maker VX Ace this time around, discontinuing my tradition of not paying a cent, i think this Ace in the hole is just worth the cash though.

Going to pre-order because its practically a no-brainer at this point, you get a discount and buttloads of extra stuff, not sure what but I'd assume music, sound effects, graphics, yadda yadda.

The biggest thing is once it is in english, scripting and support for it overall will hit the roof.

A translated version of Tankentai Ace (already scripted by Enu) is all i need to get menagerie going again.

For all you Tankentai haters out there, keep in mind that while there are a lot of bad games with it, its not the scripts fault, Its the newbies who flock to it like chikcens with their heads cut off.

If you are inventive, and think of sweet new ways to brighten up battles, Tankentai is a very powerful tool, its sadly, just gotten a bad reputation because of the people who dont know what diffrentiation is.

If you have played intelligence, you'll see I wrote a few sequences, not anything special like I have planned for this patch, but you could see I wasn't just using base Tanentai, for example, Limbo's charge attack, Pep's Bomb Frenzy, Tristy's Zealotry, A.H.P.U's Laser Sweep, Pep's Soulbeam and ofcourse Rolly's Rollout.

All of those were made with custom sequences, not always custom hashes, but some were, Limbo had to raise his Shield for charge, so I made that Anime Hash.

Limbo also had to Jump for Angel of Death, I coded that.

Compared to whats coming in 1.2 though, this stuff is mediocre.

Also a few changes to how weapons work and a lot more of the,m, this means old saves will be incompatible, sorry! D:

Each character now has primary and secondary weapons, and it goes likes this.

Primary = Fists. Secondary = Ninja Stars.

Primary = Rifles. Secondary = Bombs.

Primary = Staves. Secondary = Boomerangs.

Primary = Swords. Secondary = Shields.

So yes, should be fun.

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