Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The RMVX Revolt, I get a computer, and VX Ace is delivered.

First, I got a brand new computer, custom made by a local IT store, I know i'm ate to the party here, but Windows 7 is awesome and better in Windows XP in almost every conceivable way, there are only two qualms I have with it.

1. Stereo mix is a little difficult to set up.

2. Changing Icons for folders becomes a federal fucking issue.

Number one is also possibly more extradefinitive in my case due to having an add array of headets, which includes a USB headset, a regular Pink and Green Jack headset, and Stereo speakers with only a sound jack.

Number two is probably simply because of my inexperience with Windows 7, Windows XP this was simply a task of right clicking a folder, selecting properties, going to the customize tab, and then going change icon, in windows 7, I'm lucky if i can find that customize tab (now called modify IIRC) which I have gotten to use, but now i cant get it to show the modify tab, its more than likely my own ineptitude with this new operating system, I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Other big news, but that shouldn't come as any massive surprise if you read my last post, is that I have VX Ace, and I'm enjoying doing a bit of work on Menagerie here and there.

So this is the first RPG Maker I've bought, but if you read my previous post, you already knew that.

Work is going well on Intelligence 1.2, remember we have a sister site for each games progress, as well as a link to the site where I have my game hosted, speaking of that such site, theres some news concerning it too.

The RMVX Revolt

I recently came back to the IRC after exiling myself from it, after hearing of a huge revolt against iEntry, which I was all too happy to hear about, apparently shit hit the roof and completely destroyed the fan, iEntry had a spy in our works and was watching us, in a small space of time, Touchfuzzy; one of the most respected Admins of the site, Jalen; a skilled graphics artist and community idol, Crimson; official RMVX Japanophile and a couple others were all banned for barely any reason, I honestly wish I had been there, it sounded like quite an exciting twist, but anyway, to cover up the loss of the admins and their own stupidity, they changed the names of the banned users to randomly generated names and erased their avatars, forgetting that this frees up the name and thus, the members simply made new accounts, and a massive war started between iEntry and RMVX users, the now rather frustrated admins put Celianna in the admins seat, and decided they would migrate to another forum hosting site under a new name, and leave iEntry to dust.

Granted, the RMVX site will still stand, it isnt going anywhere, but a good many of the users will be relocating to a new site once it is up.

A few really cool things happened, when i finally went to the site again, there was a WERE DOING THIS BRO, WERE MAKING IT HAPPEN' on the announcement tab, and after a few seconds, Slam Jam started playing, it was quite magical, even if it was only put up there to serve as he finishing blow in a three year campaign of one-upmanship between the admins of RMVX and iEntry.

Granted, half of this shit could be untrue, not counting the paragraph above since I was there for it. I'm going by what I was told on the IRC, there were a fair few mixed stories, but all ended with the same message that no one wanted to have to deal with iEntry's tedious poppycock anymore.

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