Sunday, September 30, 2012

Menagerie Progress.

Since a lot of my traffic here comes from, I've decided some development related info might be nessecary.

32 views on the 28th of September, and here I thought no one read this thing!

So first off, theres some decent spoiler free video footage insofar. Incase you missed it.
By spoiler free, I mean they happen within mere minutes of the game boot up, anything an hour in cannot be spoiled, because i havent made it yet. :<
I might make a checklist later, get my shit in gear and get this long overdue thing out for the date i actually said 12/12/12. This has become difficult recently because I've been getting sort of bored with RPG Maker, so this may be my last game with the engine.

I have plans to start moving up in the world, I intend to go to University once this year has passed and start being a code monkey, then all I need is my friend to compose (who has offered) and I can start making money, I'll be the artist, scripter and writer, while he'll be my beat monkey and possible pixel artist in tow. Chances are he'll be my big typo spotter and bugfinder too along with a few other friends.

Anyway, more on that story as it develops. For now menagerie has seen a sort of unwanted Hiatus because of a recent mid-life crisis (that has come a decade too soon) and I am terribly sorry, but even if not for 12/12/12 Menagerie will happen, I've gone too far with it not to finish now.

its not that its the linear content holding me back, that's what I want to work on! But I've gotta get tedious shit out of the way first. Item tooltips, getting a code monkey to patch the item tooltips script a little, as well as writing out those tooltips and applying the colours. Also I've got to fix up recipes and make more random encounter enemies.

I know right? This was a decision I had to make based on necessity, this game involves a fair bit of crafting, and since I don't want to limit players or make them feel stupid by only letting you make a few trips to the blue sun for the primers in that awesome weapon they want to make and realize they were needed for the late game time-loop completion, I've decided that encounters will be the way post completely deforesting, stripping, and depriving the planets and suns of resources.

Its complex making a farming system for extraterrestrial materials, while I *could* have trees grow back, its a lot of extra-work and I've already given myself too much. the things is, Lumber is going to be among the most common and hard to run out of commodities there is, if you find out a way to make uranium nuggets reform, please do say so!

Uranium is a fairly rare resource, and is used heavily in a lot of technological items, including the Kitty Caboose. *Mysterious wink*

Main Characters:

Anyway, to give you some dirt on the characters.

He looks Derpy on purpose.
Fatty McLarge is based on my english pal Eagleeye11. He shows a paranoia about Technology and is a retired alcoholic, so chances are his flaws should define him well as a character.

I mean based on personality wise, not looks, do you honestly think I know anyone close to this pretty?

Fyori Felicee is based on a good friend from the states known around as Sjunior, and hes the only candidate because none of my friends are girls. But anyway, the character is cheery and outgoing, she is a tad autistic though, and doesn't like killing natures fauna, and acts the other three characters overlook she can often be disconcerted by... such as taking all of the materials from a recently killed mans house.

Unlike Fatty, she is happy to indulge in technological theory-crafting and design, and often debates with Spooky on subjects which fly over Gerald's head and usually end up in Fatty leaving the room.

Yeah, goblin paladin, fuck you archetypes D:<

Gerald Gelati is based of a good friend from Holland, Orcram or more commonly nicknamed Orcz, which tied in well with the Greenskin aspect. He says Jow now and then and comes off as the friendly outgoing group member. A tad naive and untrained in higher learning, but he serves as a great chill buddy. He's prone to being an impressionable doofus though, easily manipulated by his three friends into doing something he wouldn't do without their prodding.

I only recently realized how racist his name is. Thank you Beat monkey for giving me something to worry about.

Spooky Schema (Wayward branded) is based off of me, obviously. Why do I even need to explain this?? He has a fair few faults, talking too much, being a massive god damn troll to those stronger than him, and he manipulates a lot. Usually just to turn things in his favor, he also lies solely with omission, which is odd for a Galaxion, but the antagonist does it too, so its not a unique feature.

The Galaxions
Okay, I'm not going to go into a whole lore sect here, since this is going to be long enough, but here are the Galaxions (outside Spooky) that are here so far.

Want to know a secret? Her original drawing is eerily similar to this one, and I drew the original before I knew of Homestuck.
Tac Talismina (Traitor Branded) is loosely based on Kanaya Miryam from MSPA personality wise, plot wise shes a lot closer to Tak from Invader ZIM, and many parts of her design were drawn with Tak in mind. My head-canon for her is Kanaya's from Lets Read: Homestuck on youtube, thank you Homestuck Colab, for making head-canons easy.

"Hey! That is creepy, you're creepy; Vind."
Slik Velverti (Director Branded) is based off of Tallest Purple from Invader ZIM, he is a fair bit more forgiving than Vind is, and usually doesn't revel in violence if not necessary. Hes a fair bit more Kooky too, and serves as the comic relief to Vind's dark stern countenance.

The first to feel Regicide at Zardari's hand.

Vind Sollihst (Director branded) is based off of Tallest Red and is much more serious and on base with matters that Slik wouldn't usually think on, he is far more perceptive, and usually subtly tests the honesty of his subjects.

That star is all wrong!
Zardari Zitei (Archbishop branded) is the only Galaxion in the game who will still be alive by the end. He is based off of Jack Noir essentially, but he does have other inspirational guidance. He has a severe weakness to cake, and does feel remorse for Spooky and Tac after he stabs them both. (to the point of reviving them.) I didn't base his personality off of anyone I know, because I have yet to meet someone this frightening. For now his head-canon doesn't exist, even I haven't thought of one.

Originally these were the only Galaxions, but I added some new ones recently.

Ante matter lightsabers, why not?
Adashi Aknius (Zenmaster branded) is the only Galaxion not seen in a robe, his personality is based heavily on Asha from indie game sensation "IJI" by Daniel Remar. He is the first Galaxion you fight, and he is planned to be fought again.

"That's more like it Schema, I've got a surprise for you!"
Orsa Ortonius (Juggernaut Branded) is the leader of the Juggernauts, he is based heavily on Sizz-lorr from Invader ZIM (seen in the episode: The Frycook what come from all that space) and his demeanor generally unimpressed, though he does show appreciation when his opponents put up a decent fight.

Its surprising how well I unconsciously planned his rehashing.
Asarath Azara (Vizier Branded) is an incredibly powerful Galaxion spellcaster, and is feared by the High Council itself, he is based off of Asarath from Terra (an old VX game I wouldn't recommend) and shares his eye. He would be younger than that Asarath, since he is exiled and winds up there. His original inspirations were Richard from the Looking4group comics and Seymour from FFX.

Ain't got much dirt on this bitch, yet.
Mayeena Milda (Martyr Branded) has bugger all for inspirations yet, I drew her up from a Tac model, and I've had no implementations of her yet, so for now, the dirt on her is very little. All I know is, she has lashes, she works for Galaxia (and thus apposes the players somehow) and that her brand contains the M, A, T and Y of Martyr.

That certainly is enough exposition for now.


  1. This new game art is looking pretty good. I'll have to shoot over a link to my Intelligence review once it goes live in about a week. It's definitely one of the more unique RM games I've played this year thanks to the art style and humor.


  2. I'm very pleased you have enjoyed Intelligence, and I am equally happy you are anticipating Menagerie, thought I don't think I know you, if you have an alternate alias, I might, I know a lot of folks from the RPG maker community, either way, I'm glad to see you like the style, its certainly better than the old, but it isn't amazing, though I suppose the stylized characters and gritty pixel edges make it its own sort of charm?

    Anyway, I'm glad to have some allies despite my exile from the RPG maker VX Ace network. I look forward to your review on Intelligence too! Feel free to throw me a link when its done. :D