Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calamari Courtesy, belated but brilliant!

I was eating some deep fried Calamari rings earlier today and began to think what a thoughtful lot they are! First off, they blindly enter out fishing nets without any care for how we cook them, then they go for hours on end without oxygen to then be bred in tanks with shitty chlorinated water, and then to further their generosity, they happily let us chop them up and use their rubbery flagella for us to line our stomachs. They do so much to uphold their ringed deep fried legacy and then some of us won't even eat them, bunch of cocks with picky eating manners we are... but not me. It is my choice to reward their salted devotion with a sound and splendid devouring, if anyone does not, they are a surly disgrace to culinary delights and society.

In other news, I've been looking at Tea party Republicans a lot recently due to me being a sponsor of activism against their idiocy, and I never realized just how fucking ugly some of these people are, it really goes well with their personalities.

Ugly on the inside as much as the outside, and it's stunning how unwise they look in comparison to political figures who aren't, well... evil! Let's look at Wayne Swan or Kevin Rudd of the Australian Liberal party, they are both old geyzers but they don't look bad, they look wise, they are wizards but without beards... look at these dudes!

Kevin Rudd

Wayne Swan

Now, compared them to a hegemonic money-hungry asshole like Rupert Murdoch whose only feat for society has been overtaking newspapers like The Sunday Telegraph and multiple others for the purpose of lying to Australian citizens to get an Apeman in the hot seat of Parliment, this guy is again, as ugly on the Exterior as the interior.

Rupert Murdoch

What a fucking dag. Also why the hell is he wearing shades when it's over cast, does he honestly think he looks cool with them complimenting his horrid receding hairline or his turkey chin, or perhaps they were to cover his glowing red demonic eyes.

This may seem shallow but it's not like any of these people are studs, Rupert should give you a bad vibe, and the two old folks above him shouldn't. Also Tony Abbot doesn't look too bad, actually he's pretty damn good lookin'... not that I wanna start picking out curtains or anything!

This also is common place with the republican party. Let me show you. From least revolting to most revolting.

#6: She is certainly the least ugly, but she still gives an awfully evil vibe, from her mouth emanates deceit and she must actually believe she looks good since she's in the media so much, but I think it's more likely that they just don't have any anyone who is honestly prettier in that office. She also represents them well, fat, stupid and ignorant.

#5: Choosing between this guy and the next two was notoriously difficult, look at this indignant self-righteous fuckwit, his visage is horrifying, to duly match the horrifying shit he honestly believes in. No words.

#4: Christ... again, very hard to choose between the above and below, this guy embodies evil, from the folded self-assured hands, to the ugly potty mouth and his wrinkled gaze which you can tell right now, sees everything but himself as filth, looking down at others from his glasses.

#3: Holy horrorscourge, this guy is just as evil on the outside as on the inside, this is the same prick who is responsible for a large part of America's Financial debt and he is being rewarded for that, his face and soul makes a Glukkon look respectable.

#2: Not sure if he's actually in office or only a supporter, but people of such appalling appearance should not be in public, there should be a law against anyone having to see this hambeast, like seriously, shades as well as a cap endorsing conservatives? Turkey neck, receding hairli... wait...


1# But this disgusting New jersey Skank wins the gold, you can see her face and think Devilspawn, squinted eyeliner-lambasted eyes, a filthy mouth with horrendously puckered lips that look inhuman, tattered unconditioned blonde hair to match all the blonde things she says... she looks like she could breath poison.

Anyone who stops this whore from being seen anywhere would be doing all of society a solid service.

So yes, there's the top 6 republican fuglys. Thank you for your time.

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