Monday, January 6, 2014

I really, really hate cheese now.

I used to love cheese, it was always pleasant. But I've tried it again recently after a huge hiatus of having it only in things, and holy hell it tastes like... well it doesn't taste like food, it tastes like it's off.... OH WAIT.

Eating it straight now feels like I'm eating a schlong packed chock full of vaneerial diseases, even in those stringers it has become detestable.

Whether by Aging (geddit?) or by the filth it manifests, I no longer feel I can stomach cheese.

And the more I deviate from cheese, the more I can appreciate cheesy films, how is this relevant? I don't know.

Probably in association, I don't mind though... honestly cheese is one thing I have no qualms with going off of, it's fatty greasy garbage and the only appeal it had (being tasty) is now lost.

Oh, except for this particular type of cheese, I still like it because it's racist. I can never be mad at racist things.



Wow, this is so dumb. Jesus, my groin how it twitches.

I simply cant deal with this amount of poppycock. Suddenly I have something hilarious to talk about!

So yeah... no idea if some dude in congress just got sick of being compared to shibe or had a bunch of derogatory images of him as doge drawn with some statements validating the unfortunate reality that he is a butt-blasted faggot, but I think that this is by far, the least stupid thing congress has done in years, even if Doge is impossible to ban due to how martyrdom on the internet works, this is still highly entertaining!

It's certainly the most benign thing they've done. I can't feel anything, my humor gland has made any other instinct numb. (including my brain and perception, it seems)

Thank heavens, here I was worried I was gonna have to make a whole wall of text about cheese and racism by cheese. But thanks to Congress my day is awesome, just once they haven't found a way to make me wonder why they are still in office.

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  1. Huh
    That is actually a valid reason to hate it