Thursday, January 30, 2014

The trans-pacific Partnership Treaties threaten democracy in it's entirety, I call upon the people to drive this bill to the grave as SOPA and PIPA were.

I've been told a lot recently that my ugly opinions on the world are sort of... ugly, yo! I can't say that I argue against it, I do have some ugly opinions, see my last post, but then those people are now trying to achieve the end of democracy so there's also that.

If you've been living in denial or like the majority, don't knowabout it, allow me to fill you in on the TPP and TTiP, trade treaties that are being talked about in top secret, and Obama is supporting these things, I am torn now.

I used to think Obama was cool, and he stood up against both PIPA and SOPA, but I've learned that he seems to be in cooperating standards with these bills. These bills are by far the scariest we've seen, and are being kept a secret from as many as possible, but it is up to us as a people to find out and rectify this corporate powergrab.

For some information, Wikileaks again has us covered, both treaties are incredibly scary. If these pass democracy in the majority of the world is over, and we will be run by evil corporations whose sole desire is to obtain currency and destroy their competitors, whilst silencing or ignoring those who may be harmed by their evil. This act will allot big corporations their own individual courts to which will make them judgeless by law. Essentially they will be able to do whatever they want, which is not only conceited, but dangerous... I never thought I'd see the day democracy would die, let's fight to keep it that way.

So, what can you do to help? Spread the word, share this link... and do whatever you can to prevent this filth from remaining hidden.

Yes, I have donated to the link above, I am happy to pay the price for freedom, however, you are not require to donate if you don't want to, spreading the word to those who can and anyone else is the plan here.

I'm hoping that by word getting out, the vigilante groups like anonymous and others will act as they did back when SOPA and PIPA threatened internet democracy. I'm tired of these corporate asshats acting like they have the right to run us. It's time to say no, this is not our fate, it is not our destiny to be slaves to corporate hegemony, it is not their fate to be granted freedom from prosecution, let's make this shit final. The time has come for the corporate whores to realize we will not falter, even when they go to each and every effort to hide from us their plots. We must sow them the seeds of assuredness, we won't back down, not as people, nor as a democracy.

To explain why these bills are bad.

-Corporations who can afford it will have free reign, and can prosecute anyone who fails to abide to what they say to do.
-They can instantly eliminate upcoming competition, either by prosecuting the heads in charge or buying them out.
-Anything they do to wrong consumers they can get away with, by virtue of having their own courts and senate.
-The internet will be changed forever, any content that infringes on American Laws of Copyright (which are both out of date and retarded) are in danger of prosecution, by an exorbitant fine or worse. This can include anything from Fan art to Fan videos. Even benign things like Anime Music Videos are in danger.
-The corporations with free reign can steal Intellectual property, and be in full control of it. If this law passes, I recommend globally Cease & Desisting everything you have on the Internet. All your original characters, your ideas... they are all at risk.

And that's only what I can think of right now. Please guys, do not let this be a thing.

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